July Energies by Andrea

July Energies

by Andrea

Dear Heart,

Welcome to the month of July and all that it brings!

July will most likely be an intense month for many as there will be two eclipses and eclipses generally bring a sense of a turning point. However, the first solar eclipse on the 2nd and 3rd of July should be generally positive as it will be an opportunity to enjoy yourself! Take the time to celebrate just how far you have come! It will be a wonderful time to connect with others in a lighthearted way.

The lunar eclipse on the 16th and 17th of July will be more challenging as it is in close aspect to Pluto. This may bring up hidden secrets, desire to control, paranoia, and fear. Whilst none of this is so easy, Pluto’s ultimate gift is transformation and transmutation.

Overall, the energies in July support going into the underworld and finding all the nuggets of gold that are hidden deep within.

So let’s take the time to connect with any assistance for the month ahead, and all the Divine messages waiting for us.

First, let us each connect to the deep knowingness that All Is Well. That you are safe, that you have as much time as you need. That all is in perfect alignment for what you need in this moment.

The Divine asks us to take a deep breath and connect within. Connecting within to the warmth of your heart, to the steady flow of energy in your body, and the transformative power of the breath.

As you do this we are being pointed to a beautiful golden light high above. This is an exquisite star there to guide our way. This golden star is like a beacon of light. It is there to shine light on us, to illuminate our path, to remind us that we are not alone. To remind us that we do not need to go into battle. This star of light is there to bring us comfort, solace and the divine wisdom that all is taken care of. Like a lighthouse, it shows us the way back home; away from troubled waters.

We are now invited to bring this star a little closer. Bring it forward as close as you like, it could be just in front of you like a beautiful lantern. Or like a warm, cosy fire, there to warm you up on a cold night.

Let’s take the opportunity to feel the warmth. The protection. To bask in the comforting glow.

When you are ready, let’s then invite that warmth into your body. Into your heart space.

This is the light of Divinity.

Let it expand in your chest. Spreading its warmth all throughout your body. All throughout your Being.

Bask in the constant reminder that All is Well. That you are Loved; that you are Love.

Let’s now let the light that is in your heart space shine down within all throughout your lower torso, all throughout the solar plexus and lower chakras. Let it be like a golden sun illuminating all that is dark, stuck, or fearful, within.

As we do that simply allow everything in the lower torso to relax and expand. To soften, to grow, and to radiate.

Out of all this apparent darkness we may being to feel small openings of pure light, or pure gold. Exquisite golden blooms in amongst all the mud.

Letting go of anything that no longer belongs.

Let’s take the opportunity over the next month to let go of any old darkness. The heaviness, the fear, the paranoia, the old battles, the misunderstandings.

Let’s also ask that the light of Divinity continue to light our way. That we become illuminated, we become that golden star.

The more we can do this, the more we become like the lotus flower. A delicate, fragrant flower that arises from the mud.

Many blessings for the month ahead as we continue to transform into the beacon of light that we are.


Please come see me each Saturday for meditation, clarity and healing. I am my ‘Higher Self’, and have moved beyond this into Oneness, or Christ Consciousness.
For those who would like to shift their state of Being, Giving Thanks is a wonderful way to do so. This guided meditation will help you do that.

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