Tarot vs Angel Cards by Kripa Khatri

Tarot vs Angel Cards

by Kripa Khatri

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the beautiful pictures and messages in a deck of cards at the spiritual shops. I always found them uplifting, filled with positive energy and they made me happy. Even when I look at them today, I feel that same feeling as if I am looking at them for the very first time. That childlike wonder and awe of the beauty of the card and messages; so calming and comforting. This fascination quickly became a passion which took me to my path of being a Reader and Teacher.

Most of my clients, when they call to book; always ask for a Tarot Reading. I suppose most people have heard of readings or have had one done are familiar with the Tarot. I always offer my clients options on whether they would like a Tarot or Angel Card reading.

What is the difference, I hear you ask?

  • A traditional tarot deck has 78 cards
  • Tarot cards are quite structured
  • Tarot cards have very limited guidance or wording on the actual card
  • An angel card deck does not have a set number of cards it can vary from anywhere between 44 to 78 or sometimes more cards
  • Angel card decks tend to have more guidance, phrases and words
  • Angel cards tend to focus on a theme or topic such as archangel cards, ascended masters cards, goddess cards, crystal cards, chakra cards, life purpose cards and so on

The traditional tarot provides a good foundation and understanding of how the deck is structured and significance of the cards. The knowledge and skills from the tarot, makes it easier to read and interpret angel card decks.

If you have always wanted to learn more about the tarot and how to do some readings for yourself and your loved ones, join the Exploring the Basics of Tarot – Beginner Course and beautiful Qi Crystals on 3 August 2019. It is a great foundation course with no prior experience required. All you need is an open mind and an open heart.

Kripa is an international tarot and angel card reader and course facilitator. She has clients from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and USA with broader following from UK, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands. Her readings and courses are known to be informative, insightful and highly interactive.

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