Imagine by Alessandra del Basso


by Alessandra del Basso

Imagine this “dream” for you, to be so empowered that you understand that you and you alone decide how your life unfolds. Make the story you tell about yourself so magnificent that there is no gap to fill with anything that is not light and awesomeness.

That your inner talk about your world, IS the world that unfolds before you, see only love, remember what you wish for another return’s ten- fold. Be Grateful for everything the Ying and the Yang. Be kind it costs nothing and has huge hidden rewards.

Find it in yourself to forgive and let go of every day to make room for the new that appears.

Each day find infinite things to be grateful for, the smallest is the greatest … see the world as already being that which you are chasing and your chase will no longer be… flow downstream & be inspired to find that which you seek along the way…effortlessly through inspired action….

Declutter your mind and your surroundings …what no longer serves you is like a chain pulling you back to a land long gone, your past is gone (it’s OLD NEWS) the very instant you utter it.


DANCE, LAUGH….be the fool in the illusion of a world that we ourselves create …know that anything you can conceive and hold in your mind and in your body as the best feeling in blind trust requires nothing of you other than utter faith … & SO it is – IT IS DONE NOW!!

Here is a quote from Michael Bernard Beckwith:

“If you can believe in what you don’t see (Dream), what you do see (Obstacles) you don’t see & what you don’t see (Dream) you do see…”

It’s a bit of a riddle and you will need to repeat it a few times BUT when you get it you will want to repeat it over & over…

Luv and light Alessandra Del Basso

Alessandra works out of Qi every Wednesday offering Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki & Tarot & Numerology Readings

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