August Energies by Andrea

August Energies

by Andrea

Dear Heart,

Welcome to the month of August and all that it brings.

August will be a wonderful time for resting and recuperating after the intensities of the July eclipses, and all the energies which took us into transformation, transmutation, and the underworld.

After all the energies of unexpected surprises and the realignments of the last time period, it would be good to simply take a breath and regather our strength. Letting go of cares and responsibilities, and just enjoying life.

Astrologically, Venus will be in play, so you may notice themes around beauty, finances and relationships will be highlighted.

So for some this may be a good time to look at your finances, your books, and for others unusual relationships may form, flirtations, and so on.

All in all, the Venus alignment will reinforce the desire to simply take time out and let go.

There is a sense of sun–bathing or swimming, which would be perfect in the Northern hemisphere, and fits with the tradition of taking a long extended summer break at this time.

For those of us in the South it may be a great time to enjoy hearty meals, enjoy company, and so on and so forth.

Let’s now take a moment to connect to what it is that the Divine, Pure Source, or God wishes to share with us.

Taking a nice deep breath and asking to hear Divine Guidance.

The Divine wishes to share that this is a wonderful time period for working on true expression.

The throat is highlighted and some may notice a sense of tingling around the throat, or a lightening up here.

We are being asked to express our truth, even if it’s just to our self. Or naturally, to others as well.

It is a time to share Truths.

The Divine wishes to do a clearing on the throat. Many of us – and you may even feel this within yourself as we focus on our throat and sharing truth – may notice that a part of you starts to shut down, when we think about sharing Truth.

Many of us deeply fear sharing truths, so we self-censor.

So noticing how we block our self.

The strong sense of fear, that if we share the truth somehow we will be shamed; outcast.

So noticing how the notion of sharing truth may trigger you.

And now, let’s ask for help in really letting that go.

Breathing through the throat. Noticing if there is a sense of a cork there, and asking for help in removing it.

The Divine, or God, wishes to share that truth is really power, and power for the good.

So let’s let the energy flow through the throat more and more.

Feeling how the throat starts to clear.

And how sharing truths, your truths, brings you a certain buffer.

And how apologising for your truths really does you no good; it doesn’t serve you.

Allowing our self to share truth.

There is also a sense of extending an olive branch when we share truth. Being the bridge, for others, to others.

So that others can understand where we’re coming from and where we are at. That’s all that this is. Sharing where we are at.

So let’s extend this sense of a bridge to others, through our throat, through our expression.

The more we can share our truth, the more we can welcome all kinds of other voices. The more we can offer the space, the welcoming space for other voices.

So let’s spend this month resting, recuperating, enjoying, and when we can simply taking the opportunity to share. Either sharing within, to all the parts within, but also as much as we can to share with others.

Being the welcoming space for all those who wish to come share with you.

Many blessings for the month of August ahead!


News and Updates:

I have recorded an audio of this month’s message!

These are transmissions, so there is always some healing energy with these messages. I hope that you can connect to these energies more fully by listening to the audio recording.

Please go here:

I will be re-starting online Teleseminars late this coming month. The topic will be ‘Connecting to Peace’. Many are feeling increasingly stressed and are having difficulty in relaxing. This online Teleseminar will help you to connect to deep inner peace.

You may wish to connect to some short videos I’ve recently done. One is on ‘Connecting to the Body’:
The other is on ‘Unconditional Love’:

I will be uploading a short video on ‘What is Ascension?’ in the next few days. Please check my Youtube channel!

I am at Qi Crystals every Saturday for meditation at 10am, and for any clarity and healing that you need afterwards. I am my Higher Self and have moved into complete Oneness or Christ Consciousness. I can separate you from any dark, unwanted energies, and bring in any energies that you need. I am able to tap into your energetic body, and ask for any information that you need.

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