The Art of Self Luv by Alessandra

The Art of Self Luv

by Alessandra

Have you ever wondered why you walked out of a relationship that was not serving you, in some cases abusive either physically or psychologically or both to some degree and then walked into what you felt/saw/thought was perfect, that you had met: “the perfect person”, “perfect job”, “perfect group of friends ” etc… only to find some time later that it was exactly the same?

  • How can that be?
  • What happened?
  • And you ask yourself, “Why am I always attracting the same kind of situations?”

I was like that, it’s also the reason why I am now empowering people (both men and women) to learn “The Art of Self Luv”.

So what made “ME” repeat this over and over in every situation ? I had no self worth to hang onto and the more I was hurt/rejected etc… the more I felt it was my fault. I picked myself up and kept going, but a little voice inside would always tell me “It happened because I was not good enough” , ” I was not doing enough” or ” I wasn’t worthy to have enough”. On the outside I was the eternal “pleaser” the “giver” to be loved, accepted, appreciated, to fit in. I felt I needed to be like that to belong. There was no BALANCE and therefore I was also unable to “receive”, because I felt unworthy. It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail. BUT then luckily I got sick.

Why luckily? Because that’s when my life turned around and my journey began.

It’s a journey into the “inner world” where we rewire our minds to “turn off” that inner critic, that has followed us from childhood, picking up every negative events, words said to us turning everything into a broken disc keeping us stuck.

The truth is everyone is a deserving being, worthy of the best life has to offer (no one excluded). I realised, with the help of my Spiritual Teachers, that “I WAS WALKING AROUND WITH AN EMPTY CUP EXPECTING OTHERS TO FILL IT UP, believing “that was the only way I could be worthy”. It’s actually the opposite way round.

When your cup is full of your own “self-love” and it overflows, then and only then can you feel happy.

No one can be expected to give you eternal happiness, you are the only one who can do that from the inside out.

Everyone is on their own personal journey and in different ways need to fill their own cup of “self-love”. Yes, even those who made you feel unworthy. They were and are only actors in your life(and you in theirs), reflecting back to you the energy you send out, that is either: ” my cup is overflowing, I am happy and I am not expecting you to fill it up” or ” my cup is empty please fill it up so I can feel loved/happy/accepted etc…”

When you rely on others for life/happiness etc… You give them your power(it’s Universal Law they can’t help but obey)and when they leave, you find yourself with a void and hurt(and this too is Universal Law and it is done).

It’s SCARY to give yourself LUV because you are afraid of LOSING something that isn’t actually there. It’s CRAZY EASY yet we all struggle to find our self-worth.

Love yourself to bits and see the world around you change…..give yourself healthy boundaries and see the world BOW to you and give you all that you were “chasing”……Sit silently in your power and watch how all flows to you in such abundance that you will then know how worthy and deserving you are to receive….All is available to you BUT YOU NEED TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!

Take a leap of faith and know GOD/Universe/Source always has your back!!

The most important relationship that we will ever have, no matter how many “life times” we come back to experience is the “one with ourselves”!!!

Please note: “Self Love means” your cup is so full it overflows and ripples freely into the world around you.

“Healthy boundaries” go both ways and when you understand how it works you give to others “only” that which you would like for  yourself in a healthy way.

“You can only lose that which no longer serves your highest good and benefit”

“Like attracts Like” – “What you think you become” –  “Your vibration (positive or negative) is your point of ATTRACTION to EVERYTHING”


“I love myself and the world loves me back and together we create a better world” or “I love myself and love the world in equal manner and we grow and evolve together”.

The most precious people are those who give us the hardest lessons that allow us to grow and evolve.

You are the Creator of your life and it’s never too late to “start a new story”.

Make it the BEST that you can imagine and allow God/Universe/Source “to give you something even better”, that has been waiting for you all along!!

From my book “The Art of Self LUV” (c) Author Alessandra Del Basso

Luv and light to you

Alessandra and Fiona will be starting a regular Awaken the Magician class every Monday at 6:30PM from August 5. 

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