The Numbers of Love by Carol Partridge

The Numbers of Love

by Carol Partridge.

Find what you’re looking for in a partner with my CSI Detective numerology tips based on a persons’ birthdate. Quick and easy to work out anywhere, anytime.


Look for three 1’s for someone who is fit and active, in and out of the bedroom. Might be hard keep up.


A few 2’s in the birth chart makes for a soft and sensitive lover. In a man’s chart a few 2’s suggest he has a natural affinity with women, so he can be a smoooooth talker.


Someone with one or more 3’s in their birthdate (or three 1’s) is great at communication. They’ll be able to talk through problems, make you laugh, and you’ll have very stimulating conversations.


With a few 4’s in the birth chart, we have the planners and the stayers. They love being in control so sit back and enjoy the ride.


A few 5’s in the birth chart and you have the risk taker and adventurer. May only be around for a short time but it will be exciting and memorable.


Someone with a few 6’s in their birth chart are the true romantics. They love touch, affection and things that look and feel good. They like to look their best and will respond well to atmosphere and ambiance.


Innovative and imaginative describes a few 7’s. Can be a bit shy at first but appeal to their mind and then you’ll find you have a quirky and sometimes kinky lover. Don’t forget to stroke their ego – they love praise.


Fifty Shades of Grey. One to two 8’s in a birth chart and you have a very passionate and sexy person, but three 8’s may indicate a person who is violent, aggressive and controlling – so watch out for three or more.


With a few or more 9’s we gave the deep thinkers and kinky lovers. They want to connect on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. Moody and mysterious.

Carol Partridge practices out of Qi on Tuesday afternoons. She offers Tarot, Numerology, Astrology & Feng Shui. 

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