Online Monday Meditations with Andrea Fortune

Online Monday Meditations with Andrea Fortune

Get in a good mind set for the week with Andrea’s Guided Meditation Classes, starting Monday 6th June from 7.00 pm – 7.30 pm, $50 for 5 weeks, in the comfort of your own home.

Why meditate? Here are some benefits:-
1. It increases your HEALTH and HAPPINESS, decreases pain and boosts immunity 

2. It boosts your SOCIAL LIFE, increasing social connection and reducing loneliness

3. It’s COOL! If Oprah, soccer/footie players, US Marines and celebrities are doing it, it must be pretty awesome!

4. It makes you SUPER-FOCUSED, increasing memory and improving attention

5. It enchances your BRAIN, memory, positive emotions and self control

6. It increases your ability to be a WISE ONE, have insights and get perspective

7. Not to mention a GIANT HEART, with empathy, compassion, helpfulness and resilience when challenges arise.

8. Finally…. It BEATS THE BLUES! (No that’s nothing to do with AFL!) Research shows meditation decreases anxiety, stress and depression.

Are you still thinking “but I can’t sit still for a whole hour?” If the answer is yes, try ditching the ipad, computer and phone for an hour and take a walk in nature, lie in the grass and look up at the sky or the stars. Do some breathing exercises or yoga. Take some time for yourself – every minute is a gift.

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