Secret Animal Wisdom this month by Dalia Granot

Secret Animal Wisdom this month

by Dalia Granot

Every person on the planet has one Spirit Animal (other half of their identity) & many Power Animals who share their power to support the human journey in its highs & lows. The powers of strength, confidence, protection or love of one self are just some of the many powers that are available.
Whether you love, fear or have one of these animals ‘cross your path’ they are sharing some form of power with you. Indigenous cultures worldwide have always known this & it is now time for the rest of humanity to remember this human birthright. That is what I call the Secret Animal Wisdom. Each month I will share a brief meaning of an animal in how it can show up to support you. I will share the collective (most common) meaning. I invite each person to ‘tune in’ or check within first to see if they have their own individual meaning as the animals can choose to work with people in different ways.
There is a reason that our wild Brumbies invoke feelings of freedom, liberation, confidence & strength. A wild horse lives unshackled, free to make its own decisions, not bothered by opinions of others except when working together in community or tribe. If a horse comes into your awareness, it is reminding you to not stress about feeling limited or trapped by a certain situation or someone. You have access to the power of feeling freedom or liberated by changing your perspective & possible solutions can then reveal themselves to you. It is in moments of weakness or a lack of self love that the confidence & strength of a horse can assist us to shift our mindset & give us the extra energy to take action to change.

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