Online support with Lida van den Berg

Online support

with Lida van den Berg

Your spiritual practice has prepared you for times such as that which is currently being presented globally.

The unusual human behaviour at this time is a direct response to fear and panic.

Holding compassion for those who seem to be scrambling to regain control is a demonstration of support. Do this by setting your intention for compassion to be administered prior to your practice of meditation, reflection or prayer.

If you find yourself especially sensitive to this global vibration of uncertainty reach out for support. Call a friend. Speak to family.

SUPPORT – If the afore mentioned options are not available to you, I am here to support you. Reach out and I will listen. There is no cost other than your time. Contact me if you wish a 15 minute complimentary chat.

Lida – P: 0403 861 638 E:

At risk of sounding idyllic, we have been presented with a great opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate and reset.

Wishing you and your loved ones much love, light and joy

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