Because your heart matters

Because your heart matters

by Samantha Demmon

We need our hearts, not just in the physical sense, in an emotional sense we need our hearts. We need our hearts, to love, to be kind, to have compassion and to care. Our hearts are our relational centre.

There’s a decision making tool that goes like this: Take a few deep breaths and centre yourself. Hold the problem in your head for a few minutes and listen for the answers, then in your heart for a few minutes and then in your gut.

Our hearts give answers that are relational, remember they are feeling this, forgive them, accept them, work with them, forgive yourself. We need our hearts to make wise decisions, we need them for collective, collaborative working that can change the world.

Our hearts give us courage and passion and without them, our courage can fail and passion can fade.

We need our hearts in our lives, as present and available as possible. And when we lose someone, a group, a team, something important to us, a situation, an event or a sense of being, wellbeing, security, self worth, health, if our hearts don’t have their say, if our hearts aren’t held in kindness and listened to so that they get to speak all their love and hurt, confusion, anger, frustration, joy, gratitude and pain, they get stuck, lost, disappear, go into hiding, seek ways to numb out.

And our lives suffer for it. Taking the steps of the grief recovery method gives your heart a place to breathe, to be heard, to find reassurance and acceptance. And gradually your heart can come back and take its place in your life – and you can live with all your heart. Our hearts matter.

There are many wonderfully supportive ways to be heard, by heart-centred therapists and healers, follow the path that speaks to your heart. If you seek structure, action and a set number of sessions, to feel secure and allow your heart to speak, the Grief Recovery Method is for you.

Sam Demmon helps people who are grieving find relief from their pain and bring their hearts back to life, by teaching the Grief Recovery Method online. Click here to read more.

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