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Resin and wood incense

Natural resin and wood incense offers us the most pure way to burn incense, free from gums, and other chemical additives that are often present in many modern incenses. Our range of  of natural and woods resins can be burned on charcoal disks as an incense or to enhance any ritual.

*Please note these natural resins do not burn on their own. You will also need a heat proof dish and charcoal disks that burn white hot when lit.

Directions for use: Simply light the charcoal disk in a heat proof dish and then place just enough resin to cover the top of the burning charcoal. Each charcoal disk burns for about an hour, turning to white ash when it is spent. Half way through you can add a little more resin if you desire more fragrant smoke. Warning: charcoal burns white hot so it can be hard to see when it is spent. Always insure that it is out before leaving it unattended, never throw in bin where internal heat from the charcoal could start a fire.