Recognising universal signposts & symbology by Andrea Fortune

Recognising universal signposts & symbology

by Andrea Fortune

The universe is whispering to you.  There are messages in the birdsong outside your window, on the formation of clouds in the sky or in your coffee cup, on the waves crashing against the shore, on the billboards you see as you walk through the city, on the lyrics of songs that spontaneously appear on the radio and in the dreams we have while we are asleep.  These messages give us a powerful insight of who we are and what our direction is.

Native peoples have always known how to interpret these powerful messages, but with our pre-occupation with media, technology and stress in our modern lives, we have become more and more unaware of our connection to the earth and from our own intuition and magic. The earth has unlimited wisdom to share with us if we listen and wants to help us make the right choices for ourselves and our communities.

In this time of great change it’s important to listen to planterary consciousness so we can interpret its important information and reflect on ourselves and the world.  These can be tiny signs that can almost be missed as well as big bolts from the blue.

Here are some examples of some signs that have been shown to me.

  1. I was going through a challenging time with work, finances and a relocation and my car kept getting a flat battery.  I wondered why this kept happening and came to the realisation that it was because I myself was running on empty and my energy levels were totally depleted.  I needed a boost!
  2. I was wondering if I should do a course of learning.   I switched on the television and who was looking back at me as soon as the screen came on?  The course facilitator! I also saw the name of his course on a signpost advertising something completely different later that morning, which prompted me to sign up!
  3. I was going to a function and was debating on cancelling.  There were so many obstacles in my way but I was determined to get there.  Just before it was time to leave, I turned round and walked straight into the wall.  What a rude awakening.  It was as if the universe needed to slap me awake because I was ignoring it!
  4. For a while, I kept getting a skin rash which would flare up and get angry and red.  I realised after a while this was due to anger because someone was literally ‘getting under my skin.’  Once I released the negativity around this, the rash sure enough disappeared!
  5. Another time, I was moving house and was worried I had made the wrong decision.  Two little ducks flew down into my garden and waddled around looking a place to nest.  They found a comfy spot in a bush and settled in.  This was my confirmation I’d made the right decision!

My favourite way to interpret signs and symbols for others is through the tarot.  By asking the right questions, I use the tarot to reveal what is invisible and make sense of what is visible.  I give my clients direction to help them seize opportunities, release blocks, become aware of karmic influences and find out why they keep being presented with the same lessons, so they can transform and walk their path in peace.

Andrea works out of Qi offering Psychic Tarot Readings, Relaxation Massage & is a Reiki Master Teacher on Wednesday’s

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