A New Earth by Mary Gaynor

A New Earth

by Mary Gaynor

Hello and welcome to my first article for the 2020 and the new decade!

And what a turbulent beginning with wild weather and temperatures, severe bushfires, torrential rain and hail just to top it off!

With the rising of Mother Earth’s frequency as we clocked over to 2020, all became somewhat chaotic as the world and indeed ourselves slowly adjusted to this new higher frequency throughout January, much like acclimatising to a higher altitude. Many of you may have felt sick and irritable, perhaps not sleeping well and pretty much out of sorts and unsettled, a reflection perhaps of what was going on externally.

With this new frequency around the earth comes a time of great change with the rebalance of the feminine/ masculine energies not only throughout the world but within ourselves also.It is a time of huge adjustments as the feminine energies rises and the masculine lowers until they meet in perfect harmony and equilibrium is restored.

It is an era that brings a shift in consciousness, intellect, attitudes and thoughts, politics and world leaders.

It is a much needed change to bring us all back to a place of peace and harmony, a world where we live as a loving community , sharing and respecting all life and each other, protecting our precious earth and seas and all that live on and within it !

But with change comes resistance, so hold on tight . Keep healthy , keep focused and bend with the wind, letting all flow around you knowing a pure higher source is in action.

So welcome the change and let your love shine brightly as this is what is needed most and Mother Earth will love you for it!!

Share the love and take care
Mary x

Mary works out of Qi every Tuesday, offering energy healings, kinesiology & facial serenity massage. 

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