The crow anthologies: Soul lessons on loss by Maurice Katting

The crow anthologies: Soul lessons on loss

by Maurice Katting

Death can be one of our biggest teachers. As a mute point, it is the highlighter of the short space of time we have. Loss and cycles of beginnings, work together in succession. Finding peace with this process of continuous shedding and new growth is the way we can embrace the journey. ⠀

Grief and heartache can sometimes be cyclical as well, in terms of revisiting and reprocessing our pilgrimage, the losses and the transitions we’ve experienced.

Anger, resentment and the other aspects of self that are not willing to accept the totality of our story, and the losses we’ve experienced, slow us down from really being able be open to the next now moment. We can’t always force ourselves to feel better, but we can confront ourselves on where we are not willing to let go. Even when we think we already have. It’s the hidden stagnation. The parts of spirit that have not integrated that loss. ⠀

If we analyze the loss of a connection, whether marked by physical death or figurative, what we see in the grieving process is really the intricacy of human emotion, the important details of each piece of feeling and acknowledgment that authentically create the grieving process. It’s in that truth that people experience emotion unexpectedly when they speak on something in the past. The tears or sudden feeling of sadness marks the way that grief, in a sense, continues. It’s not a stagnant thing that only existed in one time and place. Through connecting to those old stories we can see that the power of that emotion lives on and recreates it’s experience, relative to where we are now in our journey.⠀

If you find yourself being pulled back into old stories of grief and loss, ask yourself what this story is trying to show you in relation to where you are now. Chances are it has a different meaning, as if it had gone through its own evolutionary cycle. ⠀

Maurice Katting is a Shamanic and Sound Healer & Emotional intuitive . You can connect with him through Qi Crystals or The Disconnect Healing Space for one on one clearing, healing sessions and process work.

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