Secret Animal Wisdom for July: Eagle by Dalia Granot

Secret Animal Wisdom for July: Eagle

by Dalia Granot

Every person on the planet has one Spirit Animal (the other half of their identity) & many Power Animals who share their power to support the human journey in its highs & lows.

The powers of strength, clarity, confidence, protection or self love are just some of the many powers these animals want to share with us. Whether you love, fear or have one of these animals ‘cross your path’ they are all trying to share some form of power with you.

Indigenous cultures worldwide have always known this & it is now time for the rest of humanity to remember this human birthright. This is what I call the Secret Animal Wisdom.

Each month I will share a brief meaning of an animal in how it can show up to support you. I will share the collective (most common) meaning. I invite each person to ‘tune in’ or check within first to see if they have their own individual meaning as the animals can choose to work with people in different ways.


The animal that chose to come through this month is the largest bird of prey here in Australia, our Wedge Tailed Eagle. She looks at her landscape (life, situations, issues) from a distance with absolute clarity. She can see from a distance what resonates versus what would take her energy away &once she locks in on what feels good she just goes for it.

Why is she so relevant right now? In times of uncertainty, in times when our own ‘landscape’ can feel overwhelming due to so much conflicting information, situations or individuals that cause us stress; Imagine what it would feel like if you looked at your ‘landscape’ from an eagle eye’s perspective and understood what is worth your attention & energy versus those that leave you feeling anxious. This is how Eagle can help you as a Power Animal.

Pay attention to when Eagle shows up as she might be asking you to look at your ‘landscape’ with her eyes & it is so much easier than you think

Dalia Granot is a Secret Animal Wisdom Teacher & her mission on this earth is to reunite people with their Spirit & Power Animals. Her sessions are eye opening, life changing & certainly fun. Come see her at Qi on Tuesdays or by appointment.

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