July Energies by Andrea Oneness

July Energies

by Andrea Oneness

Dear One,

At the very highest vibrational level, much has shifted and realigned during the period of retreat that we are emerging from.

We are in a unique moment.  One that has been prophesized and foretold.

At the highest level every single person was asked to go within, and take stock.  Every single being was asked to align with their heart, and the Divine Creator.  Certain vibrational frequencies are no longer supported.  Portals to darker energies have been closed off.

Many know deep down that certain things have come to an end.  This can bring greater stress, confusion, and for some, greater rebellion.  (Once the party is over, there will always be some who refuse to stop.)

Now more than ever it is important to find your inner equilibrium.  To find your centre.  To find inner peace, stillness and quietude.

Please know that there will be a lot of fiery energy around for several months.  There may be a tendency towards ultimatums and tantrums, impulsiveness and volatility.  The general reactivity may lead to greater conflict.  It will be very important to slow down, take your time, and to not do or say something rash.  It will also be important to work towards seeing things from a different vantage point, as there may be a tendency towards ultimatums.

There will be a general desire to take action.  The positive aspect of this is a greater ability to identify your will, and use it to propel you into making long overdue changes.  You may find the courage and drive to achieve things you were too reticent or passive about til now.

Underneath the fire energy, take a look at what may be playing out for you at a deeper level.

Know that at a higher level profound peace is available.  Heavenly energies, divine protection and profound solace, abound like never before.

The Kingdom of Heaven awaits for those willing to look beyond, to go within, and to truly connect with the Divine.

The Kingdom of Heaven is in your heart.  Not someone else’s, but yours.  Trust in this.

Trust that everything is being purged, and revealed.  That it is time for these darker, denser energies to leave this reality entirely.  This has been ordained.

Know that the Divine, that God, is with you.  Within you.

The more you shut yourself off from the warm benevolent Source of Unconditional Love and All That Is, the more scary and out of control the world will appear.

It is this very Source that speaks and says to you: “I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS”.

Let yourself come under this Divine protection.

Step away from anything that deliberately induces fear and anger within you.  Stop listening and paying attention to anything that feeds this.

Take the opportunity to heal yourself, care for yourself, to let yourself blossom.

Become aware of what truly complements you, and brings out your best. What it is, and who the people are, that actually help and support you.

Discern what serves to merely enrich another of your precious time, finances, attention, life force, and more than that, your very soul.

Inform yourself.  Do not be afraid of information that is initially challenging, thought provoking or contrary to what you believe to be true.  Understand that many agendas have been at play, keeping you ignorant, and manipulating your emotions.  

By informing your mind, you are able to make new choices.  To forge a new path.  

Truth is power. 

Do not fear or be apprehensive!  This is an amazing time of transformation and growth.  All are maturing to a new level of consciousness, and awakening to the wonders of Spirit.

That is all.

With Blessings,


Guided Meditations

You may also be interested in two guided meditations I have done.  One is on ‘Sending Love to Others’, the second is ‘Bringing Heaven onto Earth’.  Please listen to them both, and please SHARE them!  In such times, the more that we can anchor light and love, the easier it is for us all. 

(Please note that ‘Sending Love to Others’ was recorded just before the second one, so it would be good to listen to it first.) 

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