Chakra Singing Bowls: 7 Designs to Choose From (Set with Circular Cloth Case w/Zip, Cushion & Wand)


Each bowl in this Chakra set of 7 is colour coded and marked with the symbol of the Chakras (energy centres of the body).

Singing bowls can be played to cleanse one’s person, environment, and objects (such as crystals or jewellery) of stored or negative energy. The bowls also used to open and close sacred space, and may be played before and after a healing session, ceremony or meditation.

Singing bowls have been used in religious and shamanic practices for well over 1500 years and have been associated with Tibetan Buddhism since the 8th century A.D.

Matching Colour Cloth Box w/Zip, Small Cushion, & Wooden Wand Included in Set

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