Soul Healing for the Roots of Illness & Pain by Gamal Paez

Soul Healing for the Roots of Illness & Pain

by Gamal Paez

Everything starts with the simple question of “What are we really doing ourselves for relieving our deepest emotional, mental, physical and spiritual anguish that is affecting us at this stage in our lives?” The answer of this question may be simple and we can say that “we have a healer or a doctor that is helping us to alleviate all those afflictions”. But have you really wondered if the only person responsible and capable of healing your own afflictions is yourself?

In my experience as Medical Doctor and Alternative Complementary Therapist/Teacher I have seen many cases of illnesses that have advanced into the worst stages destroying completely the life of the individual. It is never too late and the true deepest healing start within yourself. In fact, traditional medicine, supplements and pills helps to alleviate the symptoms and physical manifestations of any ailment. But did you know that the seeds of this physical suffering lies very deep in you mental, emotional and spiritual selves?

The answers for true healing are found very deep within the “etheric” and “spiritual” bodies which are something intangible but that some high-spiritual advanced people can easily connect with, feel and access to heal. Facilitating the improvement of these skills allow us to become more sensitive to these “subtle bodies” and to the roots of illness, which will eventually help us to connect with our true self-healing paths.

That is the reason why we need to open ourselves to natural innate ways of healing our bodies and adopt new methods we can integrate into any current healing modality so that we can reach a gradual profound healing from the very deep inside of us towards the outside. It as a practice that many Yogis and Spiritual Masters have implemented centuries ago: The Journey of Self-healing and The Path of Enlightenment. For instance, Energy Healing Therapies and Spiritual Healing Attunements performed into our physical bodies may expand our spiritual conciseness into higher levels, helping us to reach deeper healing experiences and assisting us to rediscover our unique healing paths.

I invite you to take a look around and discover new healing modalities that actually resonate with your higher-self. Is it a type of energy healing such as Reiki? Is it perhaps a more profound grounded spiritual healing like Egyptian Sekhem? Or even high vibrational hands-off healing such as Pellowah? Follow your intuition and make the right steps for your own and true healing journey. Namaste!!

Gamal Paez



Gamal will be holding two weekend workshops at Qi; a Sekhem Egyptian Healing workshop on November 11 & 12, and a Pellowah Level 1 & 2 workshop on December 2 & 3. 

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