Are You A Spirit Channel? How to Find Out… by Dana Parker

Are you a Spirit Channel? How to find out …

by Dana Parker

Energy is all around you – yet we only recognise a fraction of it. So, what is a spirit channel? (and no, it’s not a straw from a vodka bar)

There are energies all around you, not just in material form. They surround you, exist above you and are in other dimensions. It’s in plants, animals, crystals, radio waves, geo-resonant fields, waterways, fire, electricity and these are just some of the tangible ones. When judging the existence of the spirit world, many forget to remember is that our eyes can only see a very narrow spectrum of light, our ears only hear a very small amount of the available sound, and our other three recognised “senses” are equally as limited. Spirits are just energy after all. You have one with a physical body. Some have one without a physical body.

Our body is energy first. The things around us contain energy, all vibrating at their own unique resonance. We have been taught to ignore much of the energetic information available to us and as such the value of spirit channeling has been ignored among much of mainstream society.

The truth is, we can sense, read and interpret a lot more of the energy that surrounds us. Indeed we can hook into this energy to stream information, and these energies can be contacted and communicated with – almost like they are people – if you know how. This is what spirit channeling is.

Spirit channeling has taken place on earth for Eons, probably for as long as there have been beings here on earth.

I like to see it this way. It is kind of like how you use the Internet. You can’t see the streams of information available to you, but you can access it via your computer interface. Someone has taught you how to do this and provided you with hardware and programs to do so. Because you know about it and it has been accepted as possible by the mainstream community you don’t question how you can do it, or why.

WiFi is a good example of how a modern electrical apparatus can access information floating in the air via the Internet without there being physical wires. Yet, if you were to jump back in time and tell someone about WiFi or mobile phones even 50 years ago, they would think you are crazy.

So people who channel spirit are crazy, huh? Hmmppphh! It’s just that most people haven’t caught up yet, and they continue to rationalise it away leaving them without the benefit of this invaluable tool. If you’ve been taught to believe that nothing exists if you cannot touch it, then its expected that you might have difficulty believing in spirits and the incredible gift of a spirit channel.

The fact is, you can train to be a spirit channel. Just like we all have intuition, we all have the capacity to open up to spirit and learn how to fine-tune your intuition to work with spirit. It just that most of you won’t because you’ve been taught not to believe. And it takes a very strong person to be able to break their cultural programming and trust the messages to become a spirit channel. Difficult, maybe. Certainly not impossible.

You know how some people are good at cooking? And some people are good at football. And some people are good at singing. Writing. Public speaking. Dance. Playing piano. Tennis. Lifting weights. Making Jokes. etc … Like life, some people are just more naturally talented at being a spirit channel. But everyone can give it a try and practice to be better at it!

A “psychic medium” is a good example of a spirit channel – the label recognises someone who communicates directly with people who have had lives on earth, who are now ‘in spirit’ and are longing to connect with their loved ones who are still down here in physical form. A good medium is able to demonstrate that there is life after death, and that we in fact never truly die. Yet, a spirit channel can contact more than just people who have passed over.

There are many streams of consciousness wanting to communicate with the people on earth. Benevolent spirits are often very keen to help us understand our lives, circumstances and situations. They also want to help us evolve so that humanity can do more with their natural gifts to build a better earth and environment for everyone. In this, a good spirit channel learns to discern who they are communicating with to establish a productive working relationship.

So, whether you fully believe or not. Spirit channels are onto something. They inspire, create connections and build trust between us mere mortals and the ether worlds. How cool is that?

We are all conscious beings with the capacity to choose our belief system, our morals and our actions. Would your life improve, do you think, if you could converse with divine beings genuinely interested in listening, and helping us be better at being ourselves? If you want to receive a spirit channeled message, do find a good spirit channel for a reading and ask for a unique message to you from the spirit world. Be inspired! Better still, find a course to develop your own innate spirit channeling skills. You’ll be ever so glad that you did!

To find out more about spirit channeling, or to train to tap into your innate intuitive gifts, please see – or book me for a private Soul Coaching Consultation session where we can tune in to your very own unique spiritual gifts. Don’t be afraid to book a Skype session. Working in the fields of energy is in a way easier online. It will truly show you the incredible power of the spirit world when you realise that distance reading is not just possible, it’s effectiveness demonstrates the absolute energetic ONEness that surrounds us all.

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Yours in spiritual evolution, always

Dana Spirit Butterfly

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