Staying Calm During The ‘Coronapocolypse’ by Andrea Fortune

Staying Calm During The ‘Coronapocolypse’

by Andrea Fortune

Well, I just found out that my daily lifestyle is actually called ‘quarantine!’

Jokes aside though, it has been challenging for us all over the last few months. Our communities all came together and helped during the bush fires, then did a u turn and went into isolation with the self-quarantine precautions during the coronavirus outbreak. While we are socially distancing ourselves, we mustn’t forget that we are still all connected, and that the ‘Coronapocalypse’ isn’t the end of the world.

We all know how beneficial laughter is to our bodies and states of mind. However, it’s not the only way to protect your mental health. Especially if you’re staying at home and distancing yourself socially.

If you’re self-isolating, first of all, congratulations on making a smart decision. Unfortunately, quarantining yourself might be a bit lonely. So keep connected to the people you care about by phoning, messaging, and emailing them regularly. We’re social animals, after all.

Media coverage may increase people’s concern about the coronavirus, so think about “taking a break or limiting how much you read or watch to maintain your well-being during this time.” Most of us are guilty of following every tiny update about the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s far from healthy. It leads to anxiety,and makes us mentally and emotionally drained.

Though it’s important to stay informed, try to limit the amount of time you spend reading the news and stick to reputable news sources so you don’t get worried over misinformation. Staying mentally fit also means reducing the amount of time you spend scrolling through social media. After all, nearly everyone’s writing and posting about the coronavirus at the moment. You deserve a break from all of that. The good news is that sites like Twitter offer you the ability to mute certain keywords, to follow or mute accounts that might be making you anxious. So use those tools to filter your social media feed and go for wholesome news stories.

Finally, remember the basics. Eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly (yoga is great). Read a good book, maybe practice meditating as well. If anything, this crisis is the perfect opportunity to reexamine your priorities (and maybe even start a new hobby!)

Above all, remember to laugh and smile a lot. Having a good sense of humour is going to help immensely in the months to come.

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