Love in the time of Corona by Maurice Katting

Love in the time of Corona

by Maurice Katting

Many things have been said already around what is happening in the media. But what are we to do in times of crisis and uncertainty? How we gain trust and the feelings of certainty and calm when people don’t know what is going to happen?

Fear affects us in different ways. For some it will trigger irrational behavior, or acts of control. Some people become paralyzed by it, where they cannot think clearly or make plans from a centered space. Fear tends to make people want to shut down and hold on.

As we go inward, and people are taking time away from their regular routines, we have the opportunity to find space to hear our internal voices. Not a lot of room is really made for this in the western world, but where activities are being brought to a standstill, now more than ever people are having the opportunity to go inward to find their trust, where they see how frail the structures that are in place can be. How your sense of security cannot always be dependent on outside factors, and that now more than ever we need an internal crux stone of faith.

Grounding is very important in this time. A feeling of security can be felt in the body, which can soothe the nervous system and calm the fear thoughts if you practice this. Take time away from the doomsday stories, go into nature. Talk to the trees and earth, express your fears and frustrations, cry and let it go. Go home, take a bath, eat something hearty and listen to music that uplifts your spirit, or watch a tv show that makes you laugh. By being one less person in paralysis, you are helping to ground the energy of the collective. You can be of service to all by processing your fear, and regrouping your energy.

Maurice Katting is a Shamanic and Sound Healer & Emotional intuitive . You can connect with him through Qi Crystals or The Disconnect Healing Space for one on one clearing, healing sessions and process work.

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