The Antidote to Fear is Love by Andrea Oneness

The Antidote to Fear is Love

by Andrea Oneness

Dear All,

I hope that you are all well during these challenging, interesting and accelerated times!

Please take the time to come back into balance if you notice that you have spiralled into fear or overwhelm. All of this really is an opportunity to process fear, take time out and slow down, and find your own inner equilibrium.

It is also good to remember to have a little humour with it all – as I’m sure you already are! It seems that Spirit wishes for the entire planet to spend some time in retreat, to pause and reflect, to become more conscious of our decisions, whether intentional or not. For myself and those on a spiritual path, it is fairly normal to spend time in meditation and checking within. Now many more may start to find the joy in this kind of work – this wondrous process of transmuting consciousness!

Let’s also take this as an opportunity to practice compassion. Compassion for yourself, and for those around you.

We may practice compassion for those in the community who haven’t been able to easily access pasta, rice, toilet paper and so on, because of the hoarding by others. Let’s help others as much as we can in these times. Let’s use this as the huge heart opening opportunity that it is.

I was told very firmly by Divine Guidance last night, that the antidote to fear is LOVE.

When we spiral down into fear, we start making decisions that come from fear and survival mode. These decisions are not in our best interest. Once we can truly acknowledge fear however, and be a compassionate witness to all that is playing out for you, to all that is occurring at at an energetic level for you, then we can begin to move out of fear and into lighter, more expanded ways of BE-ing.

These more expanded states of being come from being able to sit in the heart space.

Spiritual teachers for many decades have been sharing that we are in an age of great change. That human consciousness is evolving. Some phrase this as the end of the Kali Yuga, others point to the Mayan Calendar and December of 2012 being a pivotal moment, others may use the term Apocalypse, or the times of Revelation. All of these are sharing the same wisdom, that yes, we are in a hinge moment. A moment that is the doorway to higher, lighter states of consciousness, and where old, outdated systems will fall away and be seen by all to be inadequate.

Ascension for me, really means ascending out of survival states of consciousness, and into the heart space. It means moving out of the solar plexus, which is fear based, and into the heart chakra, which is of love. When you are able to move into the heart space, then your perception of reality shifts. Things that may have seemed scary or limiting, become open, free and wondrous instead. Your decisions shift, your mode of being shifts. Your vibration shifts.

Take everything as a blessing, allow this to be the opportunity it is to shift out of survival mode and into compassion.

With love,

Notes and Updates:

On physical level try to get lots of good, high quality Vitamin C. Also, you may have seen that a possible cure already exists in the form of a malaria pill from the 1950’s. So we may all be out of our little cave sooner than you think!

I will be at Qi Crystals this Saturday and Sunday, and maybe even for the next few weeks. I am also available for Skype if you would like a personal appointment and don’t wish to come in.

My usual 10am Saturday meditation may move to a online Webinar format in the next week or so, depending on how things proceed.

The Workshop I planned on Love, Romance and Sacred Relationship, on Sunday the 5th of April, is something that will still proceed. We may do it via Webinar instead. Please come along! Relationships are a huge topic and well worth your time.

I will be doing an Online Teleconference call on Fear, Sunday the 29th of March, at 8am. This will be with my friend and colleague Victoria More. We hope that people from all around the world will be able to join us. 8am Melbourne suits numerous time zones (ie 3pm Mountain Time USA, 10pm Paris time, etc).
Please come along, you may even have a friend on the other side of the world who might be interested! It will probably be quite a bit of fun. All the details will be on my website shortly.

Finally, as mentioned above, I just recorded a guided meditation and healing on Fear. Please feel free to listen to it, and please SHARE it with anyone at all!

Take care!


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