What we avoid, is what we prolong by Belinda Bucknell

What we avoid, is what we prolong

by Belinda Bucknell

Yes, the outer world is changing, and yes it’s uncomfortable, but don’t be afraid to use this time to go deeper and really examine your inner world. Don’t be afraid to look deeply and do the inner work.

Because the truth is, the chaos and drama of the outer world is stirring up the unresolved chaos and drama of our inner world. The uncertainty and fear is reigniting old traumas and making us feel unsafe.

But here’s the thing. This anxiety is not new. We’ve felt this before.

At a subconscious level, this global pandemic is a trigger to unhealed fears, traumas and wounding from our past.

And as with all triggers, we can use this to go deeper into our beliefs and programming. We can pull on this thread and trace it to it’s origins.

NOW is an excellent time to address the corona anxiety, fear and terror because the truth about it is: it has roots in the past.

Pull on that thread and notice what this chaos reminds you of and see what still needs healing.

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