Tapping into Past Lives and how it is relevant Now! by Jenny Johnston

Tapping into Past Lives and how it is relevant Now!

by Jenny Johnston

Do you believe you’ve lived before? Have you ever worked on fears, phobia’s and negative beliefs but they still seem to be self sabotaging behaviours in your life now? What if they are not just present now or in your childhood but are also present in past lives and are actually soul patterns and beliefs occurring at a soul level.

And what about your passions and gifts? Where did they come from? Did you come in to this life with them? Are there more that you can go and claim?

Doesn’t it make sense to explore what you have learned in other life times? Most people focus on releasing trauma, unfinished business, soul promises etc in past life work, however, I take you into the ‘Quantumness’ of time through EFT/Tapping and through past life regression to do this and so much more.

In my private sessions and workshops, I asks your guides and higher self to take you to where you need to go in order to live the highest version of yourself now, in your current lifetime. This includes gaining higher learning and soul lessons from these and applies them in that lifetime and gains the relevance of that learning for the current lifetime. Profound learnings, beliefs and lessons are gained and applied, changing and transforming lives in the ‘now’.

In my first, best selling book, ‘Tapping into Past Lives’, there are many stories of people’s experiences in Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash private sessions and workshops and the second book, ‘Your Past Life Inheritance’ has actual transcriptions of many sessions from the Nth American Workshop Tours in 2015 & 16.

Come to Qi on Sunday 9th September at 2pm to hear some of these stories and hear how lives have been transformed using the Quantum EFT for the Soul technique. The talk is free and I will be available for book signing following the talk.

About Jenny Johnston

Melbourne hypnotherapist and EFT (tapping) expert Jenny Johnston is a specialist in past life regression and author of Tapping Into Past Lives and Your Past Life Inheritance. Jenny has blended her skills with spiritual knowledge based on the teachings of Kryon to create her own procedure, Quantum EFT for the Soul, and the workshops Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash. She has run workshops around the world and hundreds of private sessions.

Drawing on her books, Jenny will explore how Quantum EFT and past life regression can be used to clear past trauma and unfinished business, and lead to dramatic shifts in your life. Jenny will also explain how delving into positive past life experiences and activating them in this life can transform your life even further.

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