The Sacred Circuit and Toxins

I would like to follow on from my previous article, “Hidden Toxins in the Home”, with a further short pieceToxic Lockoutlining the effect of physical toxins on our spirituality. I would like to point out that I am not obsessed with the ridding ourselves of toxins, certainly not to the detriment of all other beneficial pursuits, but I believe it does have its part to play in producing physical wellness, which in turn eases the path to emotional, mental and spiritual contentment.

Primarily, I would like to discuss the principle of Entrainment and the “Sacred Circuit”, as discussed by Gregg Braden in his book, “Awakening to Zero Point” and the effect of physical toxins on the Sacred Circuit. We could get into some very heavy physics and quantum physics here, but I want to keep this light and to the point.

Entrainment is the principle whereby a more powerful force or frequency influences other lesser forces within proximity to it. The term was coined by the renowned physicist Christian Huygens, who noticed that two pendulum clocks placed next to each other on a wall came to swing in unison. This is the basis of theory: that objects with greater energy will influence lesser objects around them to vibrate at the same frequency. Entrainment as a phenomenon appears everywhere within in our physical universe, in chemistry, in our biology and neurology, physics, the galaxies and stars. It is used in medicine and healing, meditation, life and success coaching. It is the principle through which we are influenced by our environment and people around us. It is how our inner environment influences our outer environment and vice versa. It is intertwined inextricably with the holographic nature of our universe that allows us to change a small thing and have it reverberate through and change the pattern of the universe.

One of the core principles of the Sacred Circuit, is that the vibration of the Sun entrains the vibration of the Earth. This is known as the Schumann Resonance, or the Earth’s Heartbeat. It is the rate at which our Mother Earth pulses. However the entrainment does not stop there, it moves down a hierarchy of energy to the vibration of our very own physical cells. The Sacred Circuit describes the entrainment of the Earth by the Sun, the Human Heart by the Earth, the Brain by the Heart and the Cells by the Brain. The Sun itself is entrained by a galactic frequency on so forth. Our cells therefore, when we are in spiritual, mental and physical balance, pulse in resonance with the Universe itself. How is that for true harmony!

However, the entrainment process through the Sacred Circuit can be dampened or blocked in the various hierarchical links:

  1. Lack of connection to nature dampens the entrainment between the Earth and the Human Heart
  2. Lack of compassion dampens the entrainment between the Heart and the Brain, and
  3. Toxins in our body dampen the entrainment between the Brain and the Cells

What we can take from this last point is that the spiritual precept that our body is a temple is oh so very true. If we have a physical body that is riddled with unnatural, toxic substances it becomes exceedingly difficult to align ourselves with the universe on all levels and achieve that state of true harmony which is the ultimate destination of the spiritual journey.

There are so many scientifically controversial, or even outright dangerous chemicals, being legally allowed into our bodies via food and the products that we use on ourselves and in our homes, it can seem like an insurmountable obstacle to many. But, I can assure you, that there are companies with consciences out there, that comprise passionate people with a belief that the world can be made a better place. Companies that make it their mission to provide products and services that improve not only the health of the customers, but of the Earth as well.

So, my challenge to you is: what will you do with this small, but important piece of knowledge that I have given you? Will you dismiss it from a sense inadequacy in being able to effect positive change? Or are you going to plant it as seed of positive change, not only in your physical health but your spiritual also, and nurture it by making a commitment to investigate and act further? I will only be too happy to help you when you make the choice for positive change.

Please, speak to me at Qi, contact me on 0400 302 388 or I really am looking forward to helping you. I am not obsessed – but I am passionate about this as part of holistic improvement to happiness, health and wellbeing.

David Lane B. IT (IS), Dip. Health Science (Hol Kin), Reiki II

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