Training Your Spirit Guides to Work for You by Dana Parker

Training Your Spirit Guides to Work for You!

by Dana Parker

So, who are our spirit guides?  Do you know yours?

Spirit guides are usually souls who have already lived many lives. They have learnt incredibly valuable lessons through their lives and they now wish to pass this on to you! How cool is that?

They are teachers, in a fashion. They are there on call to support you and they nurtureyour inner truths and knowledge, so that you might get the most out of your life experiences.  Just like people, spirit guides have their own personalities – memories from their own lives that shape the way they behave and the attitudes they bring forth. How they appear and interact with you might humour or even alarm you at times.

Ever had a friend who has a deeply wicked sense of humour? Some guides like to carry these kinds of traits into their interactions with us so that we can recognise them, lighten up and see the humour in situations!

Sometimes our Spirit Guides come in the form of animals.

We usually have one main one, and numerous other guides that come and go, as we need. They are not usually relatives (although they can be sometimes). Spirit guides may also appear in the form of animals, minerals, plants or the elementals.  The types of guides you get will very much match where you’re at and what you need at the time. So, for example, if you’re terrible with money or need help with your finances, you may have a guide who was an accountant or financier in their own life.

All of us usually have at least one ‘healing’ guide, to help us through illness or disease – or to help us help others who suffer from illness or disease. They may have been a nurse or doctor, a medicine man/woman or shamanic healer in their past life.  If your role in this life is to help a lot of people, you may also attract a lot of assistance from Spirit realms!

Ask your spirit guides to work for you!

No matter what their personalities, they are there to guide you, with genuine openness and humility. Make sure you put them to work! There is recognition in the Spirit world that each soul is unique and has the right of individual sovereignty. That means – this is your life and you are the Driver. Our guides will work for you, but only if you ask specifically for the assistance.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Acknowledge Them.

Start with your main guide. You do not need to know their name or their personality. You just need to open the door to acknowledgement. To do this, the first thing you can do is say hello.  Find a quite place to say: “Hello my main guide, my name is [insert name] I wish to work with you”.

You can do this out aloud, in writing or in your mind. Either way, your guide will hear you and will take this as a sign to get to work communicating with you!

2. Open the Door to Communication.

Ask you main guide for a sign. Say to them: “Hello main guide, I wish to know you, please give me a sign”.

You can even write them a letter saying a little bit about yourself, your situation, and ask them to show you that they’ve heard. Don’t be surprised, if you write them a question, they might even give you an immediate answer …

3. Wait and be Open for a Sign.

The Spirit world works in mysterious ways.

Your guides have the capacity to manipulate energy. As such, they may send you a variety of signs. It might be a white feather or a butterfly that appears at a critical moment. It might be the radio jumping to a song that reminds you of something memorable. It could be a random conversation with a person, who appears just when you needed to hear that. Or, that thing that went missing last week, suddenly appears where you least expected it?

Don’t be afraid to ask them for a sign.

They are also able to interfere with the internet – ever get frustrated when a payment does not go through? When you’re looking for something and all you get is something else? That can be them. Get the message?

If you write your guide a letter, sometimes you’ll hear an urging or even clearly hear an answer in your mind as you are writing! You know when you’re walking down the street and suddenly an idea ‘pops’ into your head? Yes, that can even be them.

Be open to the signs. You won’t need to look for them, for your guide will bring it to you, usually within a matter of days. They will try to make it in a way that you understand.

4. Continue to ask your Guide for Assistance.

Direct your requests to them regularly. If you feel like you may not have enough money to pay your bills next month, or you’re worried that a person in your life is being difficulty, ask your guides to give you a hand. Sick of the pain in your back?Trying unsuccessfully to rid yourself of a habit that you have? Ask them to help you. Allow them to work their magic in their own way.

Sometimes they’ll just give you a nudge in the right direction, so that you can begin on the pathway to understanding. They might do this because learning the lesson via the journey sometimes is the greater gift. Your soul craves lessons and learning, so allow the journey to discovering your answers be as important as finding out the answer.

5.  Stay Open to the Messages.

As you continue to work with your spirit guides, the messages will become more specific and will appear more quickly. Like all relationships, learning to communicate with your spirit guides takes some time. You both will get used to how you speak, what you really mean when you say things, and where your strengths lie. Your ways of communicating with each other will evolve over time. Enjoy the journey!

We all have guides and they are there to help. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Don’t think that your requests are too petty or insignificant. They are not! This is why we have guides.

Building a relationship with a spirit guide is like building a friendship that will support and nurture you for life.

Spirit guides are there to spot us when we need a little support. Your main guide is there specifically for you – put them to work. They want to help you.

If you’re curious about how to work with your Spirit Guides and further develop a two-way conversation with your Spirit Guides, don’t be shy. I hold Spirit Guide School regularly to show you exactly this! Train your Spirit Guides to work for you. For more information, please watch the video at:

Good luck! And may you always be blessed with a beautiful and supportive spirit guide team.

Much love,

Dana Spirit Butterfly.

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