Autumn is the Time to Align Your Soul with Your Body by David Lane

Autumn is the Time to Align Your Soul with Your Body

by David Lane

Autumn is that part of the annual cycle of a tree in which the joyous exuberance and fruitingof summer begins to turn towards the stillness and sleepy introspection of winter.  It is the time when the leaves of last year’s spring and summer are shed, to fertilise the ground in which the seeds that have been created in this year’s cycle wait for the next spring to germinate and bring life anew.

In traditional chinese medicine, autumn is the season of the metal element, the Lung and Large Intestine energy systems.   These systems when impaired result in respiratory issues – i.e. the common cold.  It is no coincidence that it is more prevalent at this time of year.  The main emotions that impact on these energy systems are Grief, Guilt and Shame.  All ways in which we struggle to let go of something in the past and move on.

Therefore purpose of the autumn aspect in the cycle is to let go of that which you do not need, which no longer serves you, so that you can reconnect more easily with your centre, the core of who you are.  If you don’t let that go, your energy system becomes cluttered, the flow of energy is impeded and misdirected throwing out the balance within your being.

“The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm”.  “As above, so below”.  These sayings speak to the fact that the universe is holographic; the patterns of the whole can be seen within the parts.  It also speaks to the fact the YOU are a holographic being.  Your physical health, your career, your finances, your relationships and your life in general has patterns that are represented in your energy system – and vice versa.  If your energy system is stagnant and out of balance, so will the corresponding areas of your life.

For me this means that now is a great time to begin reviewing the past years events, with effort of self-inquiry in order understand my own patterns and part in what has transpired, both positive and negative, to know what can be let go of and therefore what can be ready to be created after the quiet resting time of winter.  This means that I can enter the next annual cycle more aligned with myself than before.

One of my favourite ways to shed superfluous layers of stuff, return to the centre and restore harmony within is to use a technique called “Soul Synchronisation”.  Which means to synchronise, or align, the soul and energy body with the physical body and ensure clean integration amongst them.

It is an intuitive way of sensing the imbalance with your energy systems, connecting your unconscious with your super conscious and other beings and allowing that connection to create the unconscious understanding required to let go of faulty beliefs, disharmonious emotions and energy blockages.

I work methodically through your energy anatomy: the Chakras, Ida & Pingala, the Manifesting & Liberating currents, Spiritual and Earth connections, lateral energy lines, Merkaba, Auric boundaries, health rays, Tibetan Figure 8’s, Meridians, Extraordinary Vessels etc, clearing, realigning and reintegrating them all, paying particular attention to where they interface with each other.

It is a truly beautiful experience to relax into the feeling of disharmony dropping away.

I often combine Soul Synchronisation with Emotional Clearing Techniques and Kinesiology with some truly astounding results.

Here is a simple testimony from a previous client after her first Soul Synchronisation session at a time when it seemed her life was falling apart and she was under tremendous stress as a result.  It is short, but for me captures exactly what this technique is all about.

“…this morning I’ve had those moments of joy and feel a sense of acceptance and stillness. So it’s a shift in a good direction..thanks for checking on me David, appreciate it…”

The best way to learn more about Soul Synchronisation is to EXPERIENCE it.   I am always available for a free 20mins chat (in person) / demonstration for new clients.  Please make use of this offer to meet me, find out more about Soul Synchronisation the other work I do (Emotional Clearing, The Spiral, Kinesiology, Alpha Alignment) and how it might help you have the life you want.  SMS me on 0400 302 388 with your name and a good time for me to contact you, or email me on

I am taking two months in Europe to attend a family wedding in July and August.  But, I will really miss this work. So in order make sure I fill my up my cup as much possible before I leave with the joy of helping others to heal, from now until the first week of July I am dropping my standard hourly rate from $150 down to $100.   I won’t do this again for a while – take advantage of it whilst you can!  Buy your Mum a session for Mother’s Day, she will love you even more for it!
Sessions are also available (and extremely effective) via Phone and Video (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom) – geographical distance is not a problem.  I have clients in Ireland right now.

I really look forward to sharing this divine experience with you.



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