Why Detox? by Nadia Woods

Why Detox?

by Nadia Woods

Here I sit, feeling compelled to write about the small intestine. Why? Whilst encumbered by old, useless and seemingly irrelevant emotions which have lingered for too long, I ponder the seasonal change which brings heat and fire, and how this emphasises the small intestine and heart.

The emotions I refer to correlate with vulnerability, low self esteem and a mind which is far too busy with thoughts to ever find clarity. There may be some insecurity, or abandonment that serves no real place, or find yourself unable to make discerning thoughts. These emotions are connected to the small intestine, and at times when you find these things popping up without rhyme or reason, it may signify the need to clean out and detoxify that organ.

The small intestine is the site of assimilation of many essential vitamins and the amino acids. It is imperative to good health that this organ is functioning well so you are not missing on valued nutrients.

Why detox the small intestine? We want to optimise nutrient levels in the body to ensure good health, but also it is important to break the vicious cycle of overeating and binge eating.

When this organ is encumbered and we are experiencing those vulnerable emotions we are more likely to turn to food to fill an emotional void, or gain extra nutrients.

You may find yourself over analysing everything when the small intestine is in disharmony which is an exhausting task to say the least. But also one which prevents you living in the present moment and subsequently from feeling truly positive and happy.

Of course, there is no point in unnecessary detoxing. If you need to detox your practitioner will look at signs such as:

• gas and bloating

• excessive sugar cravings

• weight gain

• IBS / constipation

• nausea, fatigue, headaches

• symptoms worsening around 1pm to 3pm

• history of chronic antibiotic use

• history of chronic nutrient deficiencies

• increase in sensitivities / allergies

• bad breath

What to expect in a detox?

During a detox the aim is to remove the offending microbes, parasites, bad bacterias and yeasts/fungi. To do so we strip back the intestinal wall using herbs. You can expect old forgotten emotions or emotional events to pop up briefly during this time, and the focus here is on letting go. “thank you for the lessons I learnt and for getting me through that time in my life, but I no longer need you (emotion)”

Following this stage, it is imperative to replace the good bacteria, the ones which compete with any bad bacteria to ensure balance and harmony, and which help to digest and assimilate nutrients, heal the bowel walls and support tolerance to digested allergens.

Sometimes the signs point to the large intestine for healing and it is here where leaky gut can be a major problem causing increased toxicity in the body from the movement of faecal toxins through the bowel wall into the bloodstream. Sounds intense, but is remarkably common especially where there has been repeated insult to the large bowel from poor dietary habits, excessive alcohol, repeated use of neruofen and aspirin type medications.

Naturopathy deals with the bowel as the major player in health and disease, and it is obvious to see why when considering the implications for disharmony on this basic level.

Don’t need a detox but want to ensure your bowel stays healthy?

Great! Eat well of course. I am a big fan of no sugar and processed foods, but if doing this keep it to a bare minimum. Eat nutritious food that serves at gut feeders. These are pre and probiotic foods and lots of natural fibre.

Avoid medications where possible and and everything in moderation, right. Even in the festive season we want to care for ourselves but for those who over do it, start your new year off with a good clean out and repair regime.


My name is Nadia and I am a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Naturopathy works to restore harmony and balance in the body/soul/mind by supporting the body’s innate ability to heal. For this reason, natural medicines, diet, nutrition and herbs need to be selected based on your body’s individual constitution and situation to ensure you work with rather than against this self healing ability.
I specialise in chronic/autoimmune conditions, fatigue, hormone dysregulation and detoxification. I have worked with children for 18 years in an educational setting and adept at treating childhood illness and conditions, supporting learning and development.
I also offer Flower Essence and Iridology Consults. For more information on how these work and what to expect, head to my website or give me a call.
Not sure if Naturopathy is right for you? I am always happy to answer any questions you have, please email me anytime.

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