All That We Can Be by Ilya Dinov (Lionheart Dee)

All That We Can Be

by Ilya Dinov (Lionheart Dee)

Today we are more and more driven by this idea of being “all that we can be”. Gone are the days when we can keep score of the game of life by figures on a bank account, trophies on the shelf, or plain good old status.

But what is this all-illusive ideal?

Simply it is the ideal of getting the most out of this life, to be all that you can become, and to live from your true essence. Let’s look at each of these.

Getting the Most out of this Life

To obtain the most of anything involves experience, not just obtaining stuff. Experience is the unit of consciousness. And your consciousness is an awareness of your own autonomy as a spiritual being of the Divine.

What is experience for but to improve each successive one? Therefore learning is a big part of the true game of life. Learning not just facts (facts have a tendency to keep changing over time, depending where they are seen from) but how to respond to the stimuli that life yields. This is sometimes called “the cards one is dealt”.

To accept and thrive with any set of cards makes you a master at a game. There is no need to control the game itself, just your responses to it.

Having a good ritual basis for your day ensures that you can meet your day the best way you can! This ritual basis is a set of activities you do upon waking up, including the menial tasks everyone has to do such as washing and dressing up. Doing all such activities consciously and adding activities that energise you will enable you to get the most out of your day, and the most out of your life.

Be All You Can Become

We are all born with a purpose. This world gives you a quest through which your true essence shines.

And the best way to stay connected to this true essence is to change! To be all you can become means to keep accepting change, and to evolving with that change.

When you accept your evolutionary journey you become all who you were meant to become. You become Divine. Your life becomes as beautiful as the sacred geometric patterns that form the music that is the eternal sound of the universe.

To Live From Your True Essence

When you align with your Infinite Energy Potential you start to possess an aura of the authentic you. Your essence shines through. Some call it ‘charm’, yet it is a presence in you that nobody can take away!

This is what it means to be in your essence. Such beings do whatever it is they were born to do – whatever they are compelled to be in order for their heart to be fulfilled.

And by being true to yourself you are recognising the essence of another also. When you are in your true essence nothing is ever eaten without acknowledgement and gratitude of its Divinity. No being exists without acknowledgement and gratitude of their Divinity and their Divine purpose.

When you interact with something, or share a nearby space, you both energetically calibrate with each other until you are entrained to the same energy pattern. Together you form a coherent force field that is on the same target, sharing the one purpose.

This is particularly so when you relate to other not as Buber would call an “I-It” relationship. This is where you do not utilise someone else for your own benefit, but rather when you relate as “I-Thou”; you relate to another person as a sacred being who is a unique placement on your life path to awaken you your own blocked awareness.

In “I-Though” relating both parties maintain their own sense of self; their own freedom is maintained; their own unique essence of individuality is maintained and strengthened through the compassion and love of the other. In such relating the Divine shows its presence. When authentic love is shared Divine love conquers all.

Finally ‘being all that you can be’ will see this movie called life be one that was worth its entrance price. Your life will blossom to be what your heart always yearned to experience.

On a planetary scale we will ‘be all we can be’ collectively. We will create a world where everyone lives in a fulfilled state, with a content heart, mind and soul. Nobody is ever forced to do anything out of their free will, because everyone’s will is in complete congruence with each other’s and in harmony with the universal intelligence.

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