January Energies by Andrea

January Energies

by Andrea

Dear Heart,

Welcome to the start of a New Year!

Let’s take a moment to fill ourself up with gold, with pure golden presence and radiance.

This is Life Force.

As we connect to this life force, let’s allow ourself to expand in every direction.  Getting bigger and bigger, more and more expansive…

Getting lighter and lighter.  More and more uplifted within oneself.

Let’s connect even more to this vibration of vitality and renewal.

This is a stream of light that feeds our life force.  Our essence, being and soul.

A stream that feeds every single cell in the body.  Feeding all the parts within that are diseased, aged, lacking in vitality – lacking in life force.

As we infuse every part of ourself with the golden force of life, let’s invite the heart to begin to open.

As the heart opens more and more, as the incredible vortex that it is, let us use the heart as our guiding star.  Let’s allow the heart to guide us in all matters.  Remembering above all else to be patient with our exquisite heart, with ourself.

Let’s send an invitation to the heart: “Please guide me heart. Please guide me so that every single part of my life suits me, complements me, supports me in every way.  Please bring me what I would love more than anything.  I ask for the heart to show me the way.”

Allowing ourself to be lifted up higher and higher, allowing ourself to be embraced by the Divine itself.  Free from worry, concerns, anxious thoughts.

Asking for Divine Presence to share with you.

Taking a moment to listen within, to feel within, the words and vibration of Divine Love.

“You are dearly loved. In every regard.

You are a unique presence.  Do not compare yourself to others, such comparisons only end in misery.

Everything occurs in divine and perfect timing when you yourself are ready.

Let us give to you.  Let us help to open the true paths for you.

Let us bring you sacred gifts.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be true to your heart.

Do not burden yourself with the worries of the world.  Allow yourself to be lifted up.  To ascend.

Peace be with you.  Always.”

With two eclipses in January there will be a degree of intensity this month.  These pressure points always serve to refine our path.  Asking us to notice what no longer works in our life, and make adjustments accordingly.  At the start of the month we may notice some conflict, a part wishing to battle others or the world.

Many are saying ‘goodbye’ to patterns that have been ingrained for eons.  There will naturally be a sense of dread or disconnect as this occurs.  It is always the most difficult just before we are ready to let something go, as we instinctively grip on even more tightly.

If there is something that needs to end over the next month, remember to ask for how to do this with grace.

As these old energies detach from us we can then take in and embody an even greater degree of light.  Feeling even more free to walk on our true path free from guilt, shame, old contracts and agreements.

Many have waited many many eons for this.  Many are now ready at an unprecedented level.  Reaching a new level of maturity, and rapidly changing track as need be.

As we say goodbye to all the old densities, conflicts, and battles with oneself and the world, let’s ask for deep and abiding PEACE to enter every part of our soul.  Dropping all our outmoded weapons and defences so that we can simply walk free.

Many blessings in the month ahead,


Andrea works out of Qi every Saturday, holding a Meditation Satsang from 10AM and offering the John of God Crystal Healing Bed, and Readings. 

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