The Return of the Medicine Woman by Vitaya Soulcraft

The Return of the Shamanic Medicine Woman

by Vitaya Soulcraft

The Medicine Woman is one of the timeless feminine Archetypes that has lived in our collective unconscious since our ancient beginnings. She is deeply rooted in every native culture and existed across the millennia, albeit suppressed, distorted and even punished and prosecuted since the rise of patriarchal systems and Abrahamic religions in the last 3,000 or so years. Her teachings, power and traditions were misappropriated and Her-story was erased with History, until now.

Initially, the Medicine Woman emerged in cross-cultural Shamanic traditions, that were practiced by peoples from all cultures, from Siberia and ancient Europe, to Asia and Australia, South America and Africa. Shamanism is the oldest known spiritual practice, dating back over 100,000 years, and predating all known religions, being a nature-based spirituality that brings people into harmony with themselves, nature and all its creations, in both seen and unseen world.

Shamanic practices and rituals held by Medicine Women offered healing, empowerment, connection, insights and guidance to individuals and communities for a more soul-directed, meaningful, collaborative and fulfilling life.

She tended the Sacred Feminine by being the wisdom keeper, story teller and ritualist, who honoured the Cycles and Mother Earth, influences of the Moon and other celestial bodies on our earthly lives, being the traveler and guide between the seen and the unseen worlds, and holding the keys of Sacred Union between the masculine and feminine.

The Medicine Woman and her service was held in reverence and deep regard by the whole community, from child to elder, to ruler, and she held this power with great humility and grace.

To learn how and why the Medicine Woman disappeared, read next month’s article by Vita: “The
Essential Her-story”.

As the Wheel of Time turns and the Great Cycle ushers in a rise in consciousness and awakening, the Medicine Woman is re-emerging in the modern world. Also known as the Wise Woman, Shaman, Healer, Oracle, Mystic, Soulcrafter, Nature Witch, Tantrica and Priestess, she is now re-membered (where all the fragmented, forgotten and suppressed parts are put back together) in the consciousness of many women across the world, who feel her calling and are drawn to step into this archetype to serve in personal and social transformation.

I too feel her calling, in my bones and in my soul, a calling so clear and persistent, that it seems I have no choice but journey in the footsteps of the Wise Women who have come before me, supported by my teachers and mentors … humbly re-membering, re-learning and re-calling the wisdom that is so authentically ours as women… to rise as a Shamanic Medicine Woman in service to you and the awakening world.

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