Preparing for 2019 by Lida van den Berg

Preparing for 2019

by Lida van den Berg

The following words for this article are based on insights which revealed themselves effortlessly in the last week of November, 2018.

2019 = 3

Time as it is generally known, is constrained with definite zones ranging from the time of the clock to the day and month of the year yet the concept of time is far more complex. Tribal communities have a very different approach to time and their knowledge and beliefs contain much wisdom. Quantum physics also has theories on the ever-expanding concept of time that are slowly being revealed as truth. Leaving 2018 moving toward 2019 is an illusion although time travel is not.

2019 equals 3…. aside from other meanings three basically represents expression.

The time ahead will have people mixing more with those of other cultures, religions and beliefs that are quite different from the familiar. In recent times, fear has been projected on those who appear quite foreign judging them to be dangerous and a threat to society as was once known. Now, more than ever before, there is an emphasis on acceptance of the differences from a place of curiosity, recognising common values and making inclusion the focus by way of spiritual communication. The act of spiritual communication is a style that links everyone from the heart space. All that is required is the intent to come from the heart even when there is a perceived threat. Spiritual communication takes many forms and is always aligned with the frequency of love.

If you are an artist and you use your art to express unity, compassion and inclusion then your intention is unfolding. The intention may be illusive. When the artist persists with the intention then it is done, like-wise if you are a dancer, writer, orator, sculptor, singer etc.

Anyone is able to facilitate unity when creative, spiritual expression is applied. The politician, the lawyer, the doctor, the construction worker all have access to creative, spiritual compassion. Of course, listening with curiosity and seeing with compassion is part of spiritual expression.

As the journey ahead unfolds, inappropriate behaviours will continue to be challenged. When this occurs from the heart space opportunities to evolve is inevitable for all concerned. It is important to remove blaming, shaming and punishment with a view to assist the process of inclusion and unity.

When you find yourself being judged and excluded intend compassion without needing to change the circumstance. Check in with your heart space. If there is any inner turmoil intend empathy for the self. The frequency you create will be instrumental in facilitating unity in seemingly miraculous ways.

Make it your intention to apply spiritual communication in your daily thoughts, speech and actions. Start with self. The more you reduce guilt, shame, blame and regrets from your consciousness the more you are contributing to unifying with the community on this planet.

Note on picture of larimar: For those who are interested in working with crystals, larimar has a gentle frequency yet powerful in strengthening the state of compassion and spiritual communication. Larimar is beneficial when healing guilt, shame, blame and regrets. Holding this stunning crystal in meditation will act like a soothing energetic embrace.

Wishing all who are reading this article and their family and friends a most inspiring 2019 filled with much love and laughter.

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