December Energies: Illumination by Andrea

December Energies: Illumination

by Andrea

Dear Heart,

Bringing you messages of love and reassurance for the month ahead.

Let’s begin by coming into the heart space, and feeling the warmth that emanates from deep within.

Taking a moment to breathe deeply as we relax, and let go.

Allowing yourself to be lifted up higher and higher into the most sacred realm of the heart.

A realm of peace, understanding, and eternal presence.

As we relax and expand more and more within this space, a beautiful frequency called ‘Wisdom’ is coming in for us.

Connecting more and more to Wisdom.

To all forms of wisdom.

To great sages and wise Beings of Light. To true wisdom teachings.

To the soft illumination that comes with wisdom.

The wisdom in knowing what to do. When to do it. Whom to believe, whom to question.

The wisdom available in your heart, that is always waiting for you to connect with it.

Bringing in more and more connections to wise energies that are beneficial. To energies that support you, nurture you, and protect you. Connections that your mind might have ignored or dismissed til now.

Now, another frequency is coming in. This is called ‘Truth’.

The truth that you are loved beyond all measure. That you are here to remember this simple and most profound truth.

That you are here remember that all you need do is to actually accept help and guidance so that you may come to truth.

To remember that truth brings you illumination. Helping you to choose and act with wisdom.

To remember the truth that you are pure presence, filled with gold…

Let’s breathe in that gold. Breathing it into every part of the body. Every single cell.

Allowing it to dissolve disease, grief, loneliness, fear.

Allowing every single part of you to become illuminated by the golden light of the Divine.

We are here to shine a light in dark places. Both within us, and without.

To shine the light of compassion, understanding and patience.

As we do this we simultaneously push any dark, dense forces out. Firmly. Without hesitation. Without needing to think about it.

Let’s stand more and more firmly, more and more centred within oneself.

Completely centred. Impermeable to all other forces.

Just like the sun. Piercing through dark clouds.

Arise! Arise in to the heart. Arise into Love. Arise into a continual warm embrace.

It is no longer time to play small.

It is time to connect with wisdom and truth, to true teachings, and to your true nature as illuminated Love.

Wishing you much joy, love and happiness as we become illuminated with, and by, love.


Additional Notes:

Astrologically it is an interesting time as the last full moon on the 23rd of November was at 0 degrees Gemini. The next four full moons will also each be at 0 degrees. The December one will be the on the 23rd at 0 degrees Cancer.

This is preceded by the December Solstice on Saturday 22nd at 9:23am, Melbourne time.

The series of 0 degree full moons, as well as the December Solstice is a wonderful time to welcome in a re-set, as well as new beginnings. We may find our internal compass and focal point shifting over next few months.

Jupiter recently shifted into Sagittarius, suggesting that our sense of what the truth is, and wishing to simply know what the truth is no matter how uncomfortable or dangerous it may initially seem to the mind, will be highlighted over the next two years.

For the December teleconference I will be helping you to connect to the ‘Armour of God’. I felt this come in vibrationally a few weeks ago and would love to help you align with this deeply protective and empowering energy. Please go to:

If you would love to gift a friend or loved one I have Gift Vouchers available!

I am at Qi Crystals as usual every Saturday for meditation, clarity and healing. However I will be taking the last Saturday off and will not be available Saturday 29th December.

Wising you a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, and Seasons Greetings!

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