Flowing with the cycles of the moon – weekly update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

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Flowing with the cycles of the moon – weekly update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

Have you felt the energy start to subdue this week after our full moon last Friday? Have you noticed the growing inclination to slow down and move inwards yourself? As the moon decreases its prominence in the sky, so too do we feel like decreasing our prominence in the world. It’s really a transitional phase, so we have one foot in the external world and one in our internal world…just like the season of autumn, where there may be warm indian summer days but also cooler days that alert us of the winter to come.

Transitions often create a sense of unease in our bodies and for most women this is a phase where our self doubt can be at its peak.

Just like when a season changes we start to feel temperature changes in our body; when the autumn of our cycle hits we start to feel everything emotionally.

For many of us, when emotions start to bubble to the surface we try and push them back down or soothe them with distractions. When actually our cyclical rhythm is providing us with a beautiful gift of getting in touch with our emotional body. Rather than being something to hide from, our emotional outbursts can be used proactively to notice and embrace the things in ourselves that need a little TLC.

When I feel my emotional body wanting my attention, I turn to it with curiosity and acknowledge, honour and experience my emotions.

Autumn is a season of letting go, but letting go is really about letting go of the resistance so that we can fully embrace what needs to be embraced.

This isn’t a time of psychoanalysis or mental battles. It’s a time of really being in and feeling our body.

To support this process and time of your cycle, you may like to:

  • Use essential oils that help you to get in touch with your sensual nature. I particularly love patchouli and geranium to get me out of my head and into my body
  • Take out your journal and write. Try free flow writing for at least three pages. Get out your pen and don’t stop;  just allow the flow and then look back on it and see what surfaced on the page. When we allow ourselves to journal freely without filter, we allow a safe place for our emotions to be released.
  • Indulge in your creative passion or whatever tool you use to allow your creative source energy to flow through your body. Do you like to paint, draw, sculpture, sing, dance, make music?
  • Try creative visualisation meditations as our potential for creative imagination is also peaking. In embracing our emotions we identify emotional baggage that might need clearing out. This isn’t the time to literally act on those changes, but it’s a wonderful time to imagine what it would look like if you did.

So as you observe the moon wane, with the last quarter moon occurring on Friday, embrace what comes up for you, grab some oils, take out your journal, paint or dream and see this phase for what it is; a really important time to practice holding space for yourself.

Sharon holds a Weekly Women’s Wisdom Circle every Thursday night at 7:30PM – 8:30PM

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