Flowing with the cycles of the moon – Weekly update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

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Flowing with the cycles of the moon – Weekly update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

The scent of summer has been in the air in Melbourne this week. The tantalising northerly breezes, the warm salty air, the longer twilights and later sunsets. The spring flowers are starting to be replaced by the lush green cooling leaves, ready to form the shade for us on those hot days.

I feel the environment around me ready to reach its glorious peak.

And I smile to myself as this shift towards summer coincides with the moon moving towards her fullness on Friday.

The promise of summer days is such a beautiful time; as is the promise of the full moon.

The promise phase is the anticipation, the potential, the rising energy…everything feels possible in this phase. And it is.

I love looking up to the moon in this waxing phase. Each night I notice how she has grown just a little and I eagerly await the next night and the increased glow that comes with it.

The full moon is a time of play, extroversion, expansion, vitality, joy, connection and love. If our menstrual cycles are aligned with the moon, it can also be a time of sensual and sexual peak.

And each night as I observe the moon grow, I feel those qualities rise in me.

Whereas the new moon is the time to set intentions, the full moon is the time to express our intentions. To be all that we are, to act out our power, to immerse ourselves in life. Rather than being a time of inner reflection, it’s a time of outer expression.

If you’d like to discover more about what it means to express your fullness as a woman, join me at my Weekly Women’s Wisdom Circle this Thursday. Come play and celebrate the energy of the full moon amongst other women.

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