Flowing with the cycles of the moon – Weekly Update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

Flowing with the cycles of the moon – Weekly Update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

I’m currently down on the Mornington Peninsula and over the last few days I’ve been observing Port Phillip Bay.

In the earlier part of yesterday, the water resembled something from a Greek island; exquisite shades of turquoise mixed up with its traditional blue. When I walked along the shore line, I noticed how smooth it was and how its calmness stimulated a sense of peace within me. My energy felt soft and centred.

As the winds picked up in the afternoon, the waves increased in size and the colour transformed into a darker navy-like hue. Going for my afternoon stroll, I sensed the wildness of the waters and although the walk was refreshing, my energy felt more scattered and heady.

When we talk about women aligning with the rhythms of the moon, we are also talking about women aligning with the element of water, as the moon controls the tides within and around us.

Water is as essential to life as our breath, but just like our breath its rhythm can change. And just like the ocean, its movement is fluid.

The waters of our womb, essentially our hormones, shift over our life and for women in our menstruating years, over our month.

As these waters fluctuate so too will our moods, emotions and focus. Sometimes we will feel calm and balanced; other times we will feel scattered; some days we will feel quiet and contemplative; other days we will feel energised and active.

This is the essence of being a woman…fluidity, flow, flexibility, change.

We are in the waxing phase of the lunar cycle at the moment, which is its growth burst.

If our feminine cycles are aligned with the moon, as the moon waxes, our energy also waxes. We want to get things done. We focus on our goals. We are in our more active yang phase of the month.

The key to embracing our monthly cycle is to see every phase for what it is and work with it, but to never have a favourite phase. Know that each one gives us an opportunity for different parts of us to shine.

A good way of getting in touch with our own rhythms is to observe the ocean or bay as I’ve been doing this week. Notice how it can alter completely with a wind change, sometimes a couple of times per day.

If we don’t judge the waters harshly for this, then why do we judge ourselves?

If you’d like to learn more about living a feminine cyclical life, join me at my weekly women’s wisdom circle: 7:30-8:30pm on Thursday nights.

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