August Energies: Wonderful time for Reflecting by Andrea Oneness

August Energies: Wonderful time for Reflecting

by Andrea Oneness

Dear One,

Welcome to the month of August and all that it brings!

As we look ahead, let’s first take our awareness to our heart space. Coming to the centre of our chest, and feeling the warmth that is here.

Breathe this in. Slowly. Noticing the air coming through the nostrils, down into the lungs, and then the slow release of the out breath.

Inviting the heart space to open up more and more, bigger and bigger. Allowing the portal that this is to grow to be at least as big as our body.

Even bigger if we can.

Now asking for a beautiful portal within a portal to open up within this space.

This is the inner realm of the heart.

Connecting with this space and all the Love that is here for you. All the wisdom, clarity and support.

When we have attuned to this space, asking for any Divine Messages that are here for you to come forward. Even if we can’t completely discern them, simply feeling the support that is here, within.

Feeling yourself being picked up, lifted up into the higher realms, like a small child held within the Divine’s arms. Giving you a higher perspective.

From this space we are invited to really know that All Is Well. To know that old densities are being removed from you.

Please hear all the congratulations on just how far we’ve come.

The last few weeks have been intense, there is no doubt about that. We were being squeezed to let go. To let go of old paradigms, old ways of doing things. This brought up a lot of fear, anger, and overwhelm.

The month ahead is a wonderful time for coming deep within and spending some time Reflecting.

It will be a good time to review and take stock of old paperwork, belongings, systems, and so on. A good time to sort through various aspects, decisions, relationships, and finally take action. The energies really support a period of reflection whilst also acting and finally throwing things out.

As we sift through it all it is a wonderful time for finding that stable point within ourself. Particularly a point in our solar plexus. A point that doesn’t need to reach outside of itself and unnecessarily engage with the collective. It is a point that is entire and complete within itself.

From here, let’s let old narratives fall away. Ideas from the outside world about what you should be doing, and where you should be at, to fall away.

Let’s review and reflect upon what really serves us. What truly supports us in our journey. What it is that helps us to feel safe, secure, and most of all, happy. Any insights you receive will be simple, direct. For that is what truth is, it is always very simple and clear.

Let’s also ask to be shown what no longer supports us, as well as help in bringing forward all that really will benefit us at a deep level.

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead as we come within and reflect upon all that has transpired. Taking the opportunity to pause, reassess and reconsider.

Many Blessings,


News and Events you may be interested in:

On Thursday the 23rd of August at 8am, I will be interviewed by Lauren Galey from Quantum Conversations. We will be talking about the Fifth Dimension, the awakening process, and what tools helped me the most in my journey, plus much more! Details will be posted on Qi Crystal’s Facebook page closer to the date.

On Sunday the 26th of August I will be doing an online meditation and transmission helping you to connect to the ‘Divine Masculine’. We will connect to this essence so that you can feel and understand this for yourself beyond language and concepts. We will then bring forward any masculine figures in your life, particularly father figures and notice any strong emotions this brings up. Once we connect to the true masculine we can understand it in ourself and in others. Please go to: for more information on any of the services I offer.

Andrea Oneness works out of Qi on Saturday’s, offering the John of Light Bed Healings, Spiritual Guidance & a Meditation & Satsang. 

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