Claim Your Positive Energy in 2020 by Mary Gaynor

Claim Your Positive Energy in 2020

by Mary Gaynor

2020 brings with it a massive shift in energy with the new decade approaching.  As we leave 2019 it is time now to prepare for this exciting, positive energy change in ourselves, our world and our universe.

Get into the Flow

By making a conscious and mindful decision to change. And then acting upon the decision, shifts and opens up your energy in a new and positive direction.

It is important  to understand what I like to call “Feng Sui-ing*” ourselves. This simply means, cleaning out and removing all energies that are no longer serving us to our highest and greatest good.

It’s about examining our own reactions, emotions, behaviours and patterns that may no longer be relevant or useful to our well being.

Once you have identified the things you want to clear out and have made your decisions, you can move into the flow of your new found energy.

Look after Yourself

To “Feng Sui” yourself can include all areas of your life that are becoming cluttered.

Examine what could do with a good clean out.  Identify what needs to be let go of.

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes many never worn?

Do the cupboards need a good sort through?

How many books clutter those shelves never to be read?

Are sheds filled with items that will never be used?

Are there perhaps relationships that need to be addressed and others to let go of?

Is your health an issue with problems compounding, because you don’t have the time as life has become too fast and complicated?

Start Fresh

In essence to “Feng Sui” ourselves is to remove all that is no longer working, to declutter and simplify internally and externally.

Clear out the “dead wood” and make room room for the new and positive to move in.

Make those positive changes now and be prepared for the new and fabulous energy that 2020 will bring!!

Mary works out of Qi on Tuesday afternoons practicing Energy Healing, Kinesiology & Facial Serenity Massage.

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