The Power of Symbols by Kripa Khatri

The Power of Symbols

by Kripa Khatri

If we look around us, life is filled with symbols. We see symbols when we walk, in books, online, in nature, in our thoughts and even in the sky in clouds.

The more we start to understand what these symbols mean to us, the more we are empowered to work with the direction, guidance and messages that they hold. An ancient way of capturing these symbols resides within the tarot, oracle and angel cards. It all started with the tarot which started off as a card game played by the Italians centuries ago and what remains is legacy of deep symbology, meanings, observations and interpretations.

Personally, I always see symbols around me whether it is through numbers, physical items, shapes and patterns in my thoughts. Some of the common symbols in my life is the constant sighting of numbers such as 111, 444 or 101 or feathers. I see them all the time, on my watch, bills, table numbers, in the car, on the footpath and even in places you wouldn’t expect. It took me a long time to understand what it meant to me. For example, when I see a feather now, it is a confirmation that my angels, archangels and guides are around me and that I am loved and cared for.

Are there symbols and signs that you see constantly? Do you know what it means for you?

Kripa is an international tarot and angel card reader and course facilitator. She has students from Australia, New Zealand and USA with broader following from UK, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands. Her readings and courses are known to be informative, insightful and highly interactive.

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