The power of affirmations in readings and healings by Andrea Fortune

The power of affirmations in readings and healings

by Andrea Fortune

When the going gets tough we need some inspiration to get going! An act of compassion or a reminder that we are supported can ease the discomfort, as does clarity from a psychic tarot reading or a call or visit from a good friend. We all seek some solace in knowing that our challenges are not forever and reinforcement that we will be OK in the end.

We also experience times when we want to attract a new relationship, an exciting career change or a soul-absorbing creative project.

Past issues can come bubbling to the surface to heal when shifts are taking place. All of these varied experiences, both positive and challenging, can bring us to the use of affirmations. Did you know that every card in the major arcana of the tarot has its own affirmation? I love adding affirmations to a reading or healing when a client needs to manifest, move forward and create a more positive future.

The Death card in the tarot can instil an unnecessary fear in people, but really its message is: “I release the old and embrace changes in my life. I understand that nothing is permanent. I thrive through constant expansion.” This is a great one if you are feeling stuck in a rutt.

The Star card has an equally powerful affirmation: “I am fully aligned with Source and the universe. I love myself unconditionally and I give myself permission to shine.”

An affirmation is literally a statement which creates or releases something. Affirming in PRESENT time (not asking) is vital in this process. To say “I wish to have a better salary” places the affirmation somewhere in the future, so the windfall may happen, but it might not be for 20 years!

Instead we affirm, “I have a wonderful job that pays me well” or “I am creating a job for myself that is abundant and fun!” Then we are attract the abundance immediately. Affirming in the present tense doesn’t mean that the phone will ring a few seconds later, although this has happened to me before, so you can never underestimate the magic and promptness of an affirmation!

The moment we affirm what we want, it is like placing a seed in the ground and each time we repeat it, we are watering that seed. We then begin to see the results of our affirmation, sometimes in miraculous ways and sometimes only very subtly.

Making Your Own Affirmations

I will often encourage a client who is trying to bring some new experience into their lives to write their affirmations down and put them somewhere where they will look at them regularly.

Another option is to use an affirmation deck and focus on whichever cards resonate with you on that particular day. It could be about working on forgiveness, attracting more like-minded friends or bringing harmony into a chaotic lifestyle. The shift begins straight away, but it might take you a while to notice it.

When I do general readings, I may include an affirmation to ask the Universe what it is my client needs to affirm most at that time, and then ask them to focus them throughout the day. With the occasional negativity that can occur from our own habitual thinking patterns, an affirmation deck can remind us to focus on the positive, and on what we are grateful for.

This is particularly helpful as we approach the new year and make some positive lifestyle changes, set intentions and break old habits.

You have a life purpose. Wondering what you’re meant to do? I can help you find your passion!

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