December Energies and Healing by Andrea Oneness

December Energies and Healing

by Andrea Oneness

Welcome to the December Energy Report and Healing!

Last month was quite a dark and intense time period. I was shown that there would be a lot of darker energy around, and that turned out to be quite accurate!

Themes of sex, death, nightmares, obsessive compulsive behaviour and so on where very present.

Many were also revisiting various relationships and wishing to know if they really were right for them.

This month we are stepping out of the darker energy, and it is a lot like we have all been to the depths of the ocean, and are just now coming back up to the surface. The surface is quite choppy waves. The storm has gone, but there are winds coming from different directions and they are buffering us around.

However let’s know that we are being looked after and that there is a little boat nearby that we can climb into and rest for a while with a warming cup of hot chocolate.

This month we will begin to find our equilibrium and as Neptune has turned direct a greater degree of clarity will be available. Whilst Neptune was retrograde there was a great deal of confusion about what is the best path for us. This should now lift.

This will be a month where things will be shown to us; things will be revealed to us. Some of these things will be very deep patterns or imprints. We will be able to see where the core of it lies.

December is usually a busy month with end of year functions and gatherings. December Solstice is just before Christmas; the Solstice is always a powerful time to connect to Divine energy and wisdom. In addition to that, at Christmas there will be an eclipse, so it will in general be a powerful time.

Please listen to the audio below as I help bring in healing energies for the month ahead. The two main ones are connecting to ‘Cam’, and the sense that ‘All is Well’ no matter what.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings!




“Being In Love” – One Day Workshop

In February I will be doing a one day workshop on love and romance!

I will be helping you to clear old relationships, helping you to identify any blocks you may have to love, and helping to connect you to loving energies that will support and fulfil you.

I will also be showing you how to process and clear any emotional patterns, and this can be applied to any aspect of your life.
The workshop would also be helpful to those already in a committed relationship who are a little stuck. As well as to those who simply wish to welcome more love into their life in any form.

The workshop will be on the first Sunday of February, and will be repeated on the first Sunday of March and April.

Further information will be available in the January Newsletter. Or please feel free to contact me.

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