Thinking your way to Good Health by Mary Gaynor

Thinking your way to Good Health

by Mary Gaynor

Good health is not just about eating heathy food and exercise. We can run and go to gym everyday and drink celery juice till the cows come home but if our minds are constantly churning with negative thoughts, it will be overriding all that healthy work we have been doing.

Every thought is energy, so every thought has an impact on our body and environment. When we have happy, positive thoughts and emotions, we raise our frequency and vibration which takes us to a higher dimension, a place of light and love, a beautiful place to exist!

But when we have negative thought and emotions, it immediately lowers our frequency and vibration taking us to a lower dimension, a place where sickness and disease reside. Our negative thoughts and emotions keep us here and over time damage and weaken our energy system allowing sickness and disease to penetrate the now vulnerable areas of our body.

Life is tricky and it is no easy task to navigate our way through its constantly changing perimeters and maintaining a sense of calm and balance. It can be difficult to always control our emotions and thoughts but with practice and mindfulness we can become better at it and over time master it. By reacting to life through a place of light and love we maintain that higher frequency and vibration and therefore protect ourselves from disease and sickness and prevent those energy blocks from forming. Like a tree bending in the wind , we need to learn and allow ourselves to bend and flow with the energy of Life.

So next time you find yourself festering negative thoughts and reacting in a negative manner, just stop and observe how you are reacting. Acknowledge how you are feeling but also ask yourself-is it an appropriate and necessary reaction? Is it a reaction from past experiences and learned behaviour that is no longer required?

To help stop and prevent that festering mind take several deep calming breaths , recite a mantra to divert your thoughts ( Eg. I am pure positive love and light ), ring a friend, go for a walk , watch a funny film, cook, do a puzzle, listen to music, meditate! It is about finding your own healthy strategy to divert that unhealthy mind state and bring you back to a place of calm and peace. With constant practice it becomes easier as your brain restructures and reforms with the new pattern until eventually you automatically respond in more positive approach!

Just remember, the one thing we can control in life is how we respond and react to life! Each response and reaction directly impacts our health and our environment.

So give it a go and let the love and light in – I know you can do it!!!

Mary x

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