November Report & Energy Healing by Andrea Oneness

November Report & Energy Healing

by Andrea Oneness

During November there may be a sense of going into the underworld as we are in a Scorpio cycle. Transformation, sex, death, taxes, and so on are all highlighted this month.

Energetically there is a lot happening with the solar plexus, particularly just underneath the tight band of muscle below the abdomen. This area is like a pocket, and there may be a sense of being submerged, or even of being pulled down into a pit or pool of water.

In the healing recorded below, the angelics ask us to connect to the solar plexus and the area just below the solar plexus where this pocket is.

They help us to clear out this area of darkness and shadow.

They also help us by bringing a little light into this space.

Once we have connected to this light we are able to lift ourself out of the pocket of darkness and into a more light filled space of BE-ing.

During this time period Mercury is retrograde, and so there may also be a need to revisit past relationships and alignments. This will help us to ultimately connect with true heart alignments.

To help us with this, in the second part of the recorded healing the angelics help to energetically connect us to true alignments. True heart alignments may take any form, from objects, to interests, to friendships, to romance. It really doesn’t matter what the outward form is, only that it allows our heart to open and bloom.

Many blessings for the month ahead!

Please note: I will be at Qi Crystals both Saturdays and Sundays. Please come and see me for any healing or guidance that you need in any area of your life!


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