Emotional Clearing by David Lane

Emotional Clearing

by David Lane

Want an easy, fast and permanent way to shift your emotional State by yourself? Learn Emotional Clearing!

If you’re anything like any other not-quite-yet-enlightened human being out there (I’m in this group too…) you’re probably finding that you’re at the mercy of your emotions much of the time.

To be more precise, you’re at the mercy of your unconscious beliefs and perceptions and the physical sensations that they cause in your body – which we label “emotions”.

Regardless, the influence these upon your perception of reality and the resulting behavioural reactions are unquestionable.

Eckhart Tolle, in his wonderful book “The Power of Now” speaks to the matrix relationship between thought patterns (beliefs) and their emotions.  The thought creates the emotion, but the emotion powers the thought –  creating an almost endless looping construct that sees you trapped in the same, repeated emotional reactions to life otherwise known as your conditioning, or patterns.

How can you break these patterns?   Eckhart Tolle speaks about using intense presence to shine the light of consciousness on your emotions.   This can be difficult to do under extreme (or even less extreme) emotional duress.  Having a technique to clear the emotional charge can make this process so much easier.

Emotions are the movement of life force energy through the body in response to a perception made of external happenings, or internal visualisations of external happenings.    When this emotion isn’t expressed, the movement of this life force energy has not outlet and becomes restricted and blocked.  This has ongoing consequences for the movement of life force energy through the body, but also for the ongoing expression of that emotion – the energy pathways through which it normally travels are now impeded, creating resistance to the flow.  This resistance manifests as impeded ‘flow’ in life… you start feeling stuck and unable to progress / grow / move forward.

Trapping emotions within the body is done by constricting the body, the breath and sound.  What do you do when you don’t want to cry / rage / show fear?  You tense up your body, clench your jaw and hold your breath.

That means moving stuck emotions through your body can be as easy as using movement, breath and sound! This, plus awareness and acknowledgement of the emotion, plus rubbing access points to open the energy channels that the emotion is trapped in can create exactly the environment required to release the trapped life force energy – that could have been stagnating in your body for decades.

Using breath, movement and sound is easy and natural.  But creating awareness of a long suppressed emotion and the energy channels it is stuck in is a refined skill that takes years of intense practice for many to develop to a state of conscious competence.

However, Kinesiologists do this all the time using muscle testing; which admittedly looks like magic but, it’s not. It is an aspect of everyone’s physiology and in itself is easy to learn. The complex part is mapping the emotions, energy channels, contexts etc to make optimal use of the information gained from the muscle testing.

Enter the Self Clearing technique. Self Clearing is the brain child of my colleague Dane Tomas and is a very simple, very accessible, very effective and very easy-to-use kinesiology-based tool for making fast (and permanent) shifts to your emotional state.

Self Clearing uses self muscle testing and very basic NLP techniques, overlaid over an exquisitely simple model synthesised from the Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 elements model, the Ayurvedic Chakra System, The Theory of Spiral Dynamics and Professor David Hawkins “Scale of Consciousness” found in his book, “Power vs Force”.

This system teaches you to use self muscle testing to identify which emotion is blocked for you in a particular context and therefore which energy pathways are blocked.  This means you now know which access points to rub on the body, based upon which pathways are blocked.  Add in some deep breaths and a big sigh or two and most stuck emotions will clear within a minute or so.

It is a really incredible, useful technique to learn and use for life.  You can learn to clear emotions from your Chakras,  your body & brain; how to clear imbalanced energy relationships with other people; to separate emotional links between mutually exclusive aspects of life (e.g. money and time);  clear emotional blocks between you and  goals / outcomes you wish to manifest and more.

You can access some online content for free, teaching you the self-clearing technique (www.clearyourshit.com), however some hands on, face-to-face teaching is always the best way to expedite your learning of a hands-on technique.

So, I’m offering a 4 hour workshop on June 10th, from 10am to 2pm at Qi  to teach Self-Clearing to you.  Imagine the power this will give you to shape your life, by dissolving the emotional charges that drive your conditioning and behaviour.  You can take care of so much of your own ‘stuff’ by yourself – and then only need to see practitioners for the BIG stuff you can’t clear yourself.    You will be using this technique for the REST of your LIFE!

This is the first time I have offered this workshop, so the investment is only $100.  The next time will be $200.  Attendees will also receive a hardcopy version of the book “Clear Your Shit” which will be the basis of the material covered in the workshop. There are few places left remaining and this workshop will fill up, so make your booking now.

Please contact me on 0400 302 388 or info@truepoint.com.au, or speak to the staff at Qi, to book your place.

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