The Secret To Reading Oracle Cards by Dana Parker

The Secret to Reading Oracle Cards – Your Own Personal Divination Tool

by Dana Parker


Have you ever worked with an Oracle Card Deck? Have you ever wanted to?

So many people could benefit from the simple art of Oracle Card reading. Your Oracle Card deck is your own personal divination tool. Oracle Cards are not like Tarot or Lenormand Cards, which can be complicated or laden with confusing rules to learn. They offer artwork, words of wisdom and numbers that allow for an open interpretation, according to the question and intuition of the reader.

Reading oracle cards can be a practical tool in decision-making, but also in understanding the course of life, as it ebbs and flows. Stuck in a troubled relationship? Unable to understand why that work promotion was given to someone else less qualified than you? Wondering where the money is coming from? Should you go back to study? Questions such as these, and many many more, can be answered through simple spreads of Oracle Cards.

You can ask about health, wealth, relationships, love, money, global events, even philosophy. Oracle cards can also be used to validate your own feelings, or communicate with your spirit guides. They are useful to use in so many ways, every single day.

So what stops you from going out and buying your first deck? Or, if you’ve already bought your first deck, what is it that stops you from using your Oracle Cards regularly?

Often it is the belief that you need a special gift or talent to use them. No. Anybody can use an Oracle Deck to discover information about your situation. All it takes is a little bit of education, practice and opportunity!! The cool thing is, they will also develop your intuition and can awaken latent psychic skills to support you for life.

All Oracle Card decks can work for everybody. Yet, the more you work with and use one particular card deck, the more they will work specifically for you. So, it’s important when selecting an Oracle Card Deck, that you choose one that would suit your personality.

For example:

  • are you a celestial being who loves to see the light in people? (Angel Card Deck).
  • Do you see yourself as an inner fairy, loving life and loving nature and the environment? (a Fae Card Deck).
  • Are you interested in the pursuit of inner wisdom, peace and compassion towards mankind? (Ascended Masters or Spiritual Philosophy Deck).
  • Are you fascinated with the light and shadow side of people? (Vampire or Shapeshifter Oracle Deck).
  • Do you love animals, flowers and being in nature? (Animal, Flower, Shaman Deck)
  • … there are these and more to choose from.

How do you increase your accuracy with reading Oracle Cards?

No matter which deck you choose, they all can be read with the same techniques.  So, to start with, consider this …

Once you pick a Deck to start with, it’s important to infuse energy in the pack. Whether you allow other people to touch them or not, is your choice. Physical touch does transfer energy. So, it’s up to you how you take care of your cards. You must, however, learn to clear and cleanse the energy before you use them. Otherwise the energy in the cards may confuse the energy of the question and they may not be very accurate for the task.

There are a number of ways to clear the card decks. You may smudge, white light, use crystals or physically tap energy out of, and into, the cards. Again, how you work will be what resonates with you, so just go with it! Either way, you want to clear the card deck after each use so that they resonate with the energy of each of your questions most strongly.

The next important thing is to set your intention and your question. If your question is confusing or too complicated, it can make the answer difficult to understand. Asking a clear question can significantly increase the accuracy and helpfulness of the cards.

This all takes practice, but it can be learned and developed over time.


Love Oracle Cards. Let them open the door to your intuitive side. Allow the pathway of universal wisdom and knowledge to be revealed to you through these beautifully created pieces of artwork.

I first started working with Oracle Cards to unlock my intuition and I still love them dearly. In celebration of the art of Oracle Card Reading, I am now offering half-day courses so you can learn the Secret to Reading Oracle Card Reading from a professional Spirit Channel.  They are run every couple of months, the next being on 11 June 2017.

Whether you wish to simply learn techniques to use them accurately for yourself, or you wish to explore the potential to read for others, this course will aim to support you.  To take a sneak peak at the kinds of information delivered on this course, please watch the video below:

I wish you a beautiful day!
My love to you,

Yours in spiritual evolution, always

Dana Spirit Butterfly

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