July’s Energy: Letting Go

July’s Energy: Letting Go

by Andrea Oneness

Dear Heart,

July is a wonderful month for letting go, and releasing all that we have outgrown.

To say goodbye to all the old densities and all the patterns and misunderstandings that have held us back.

But most of all, to say goodbye to anything that isn’t from love. Anything that tells us we are less than nothing. Because that simply isn’t true, we are loved so dearly, so completely. It is time for us to really know this and feel it.

To say goodbye to anything that isn’t from love, anything that doesn’t deeply support us. Anything that doesn’t fill us with warmth and the natural flow that comes with being in the present.

Honouring all that has gone on. All that we thought we needed to hold on to, out of safety, fear, needing to be protected.

Feeling all the old anchors release from us. All the anchors that kept us in a particular pattern or configuration. That held us back for our own ‘safety’. Safety from what?

No longer holding ourself back, keeping ourself small, so that we won’t be attacked, won’t get out of line.

Allowing all of these anchors to unhook from within us, and around us.

As we let go, let’s also ask for help in releasing the whole world from our body. We don’t need to embody the entire world. We don’t need to suck it up and into our field.

Sitting within a clearer and clearer field, let’s take time in this light filled space before anything at all comes in. It is not a void space, but a presence space.

Present with all possibilities.

Let’s not rush to fill this space. Instead, let’s simply sit within the realm of the infinite. Let’s allow everything to be done for us when, and as, we are ready.

Enjoying the pause. The moment of rest, or even the moment of exhilaration, as everything that isn’t of love is swept from us.

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead!

Many Blessings,


Events you may be interested in:

8th July Online Teleseminar: ‘Letting Go of the Old and Welcoming the New’. This is a wonderful time to let go of the old mechanisms of control, power and egoic states, and welcome in the new – including the ‘new paradigm’ so many speak of

22nd July Online Teleseminar: ‘Integrating the Mind and the Heart’. We are often torn between what the mind tells us to do and what the heart longs for. We will integrate the two so there isn’t such a strong divide.

Every Saturday from 10-11am I hold regular meditation classes at Qi Crystals.

Or please come and see me for any clarity and/or healing that you need in any part of your life.  I work with a John of God Crystal Bed to help facilitate your journey, and only work with the energies of Love.

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