Are You Living Passionately? By Karen Kahlimna

Are You Living Passionately?

By Karen Kahlimna 

What pops into your mind at the thought of Living Passionately?

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“It’s for someone else! Sure! Not me!”

For some of us, possibly even most of us, we’ve been programmed to scoff at even the thought of amping up our lives, creating something big, bright and beautiful or perhaps (gasp) striving to have more of all the goodies – including Love, Grace and Abundance.

What if I was to say to you, that our natural state is one of Living Passionately- living life to the max and not on anyone else’s terms except our own. Now this isn’t giving you permission to turn into a controlling megalomaniac who gets everything your own way!

But it is giving you permission to drop into your Heart, feel into your own unique rhythm and create a life that your truly desire and deserve.

I’d like to call it your Destiny!

Yes, we all do have a Destiny that is designed by us, implemented by us and waiting to be lived by us. It’s lovingly locked away within our Hearts, waiting for us to notice that small voice that may have been quietly but persistently hailing us for what seems like the longest time.

There’s no doubt that our beautiful planet seems to be wracked with grief and constant global challenges at the moment. It could be very easy to feel loaded down with doom and gloom, yet this is the most powerful time to realign our Hearts and be of service.

Right now Destiny is knocking on the door of many Hearts saying, “It’s time! Let me out! I have something to share, something to do, something even greater to be and express!”

This is you, the real you! The one that’s been covered over, held back in fear, kept small. It’s the hope of this world trying to express itself so that it can be of service, do it’s part, have fun and be in alignment with Love.

Your Heart is sooooo ready to be open, curious, adventurous and above all else Love in motion – actively helping humanity heal and evolve.

It starts with you. All you need do is accept the challenge and step up. You’re ready!



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