The Sacred Geometry Healing Deck

by Emily Kisvarda

“If you Change the way you look at things, you will change the way you see”. Wayne Dyer.

The Phoenix Gateway Sacred Geometry Healing Cards are bringing about a whole new concept and meaning, not only to reading as an oracle deck but to use these high vibrational frequency cards as tools in working toward healing yourself and others, as well as create your own energetic essence. Use this deck also to create beautiful grids which can be placed on an altar, in the love or wealth corner of your home. You may want to use to work with healing childhood issues or maybe on grounding and anchoring yourself. The possibilities are many and as you start to work with and understand the concepts of this card deck, it will become clearer to why I have developed them.

Everything in the universe is moving, living energy, which vibrates to a particular frequency be it plant, animal, human or gemstone. Even a solid floor or concrete slab is energy but to the naked eye we don’t perceive these as being a form of energy but if we look at a microscopic level, you will see that everything moves from subatomic to atomic and from the microcosm to the macrocosm. It is there. It is not being created but is being moulded.

Energy can remain stagnant or can be changed. Light, sound and frequency, are all variables which will change the way in which energy will move. As our bodies are over 70% water, energetically, we can remould our bodies at a cellular level to create healing on all levels. That is mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This has been proven through the work of Masaru Emoto. He showed that by adding specific frequencies to water and then freezing them, you can say how different energies affect the molecules within. Examples are – sending love or hate to water, taking samples of water from polluted as well as clean water ways.

I have been asked before how my templates or grids work. This is my answer.

The synergy of divine energy, frequency and vibration, create a musical harmonic that our soul recognises and absorbs, creating a master template to help expand our awakening.

By placing together different synergies of energies, we are ultimately creating a musical harmonic by placing together the likes of sacred geometry, crystals, plant, animal or anything you ultimately want to include. Everything is energy and through our perception and intention, we can create the most amazing healing tools available. Sacred Geometry is the building blocks of all creation. It is seen within our maths, sciences, arts and architecture. It is everything from the microcosm – cells, atoms, snowflakes, pinecones, shells, humans, crystals all the way to the macrocosm – solar system, weather patterns and the galactic core. We can see it with the visible eye within these patterns. It is used within our technology – from watches and cars to the silicon chip crystal that holds millions of stored data.

Geometry stores memory and given that our bodies are made up of these geometries, we are capable of changing the memory patterns to restore our  w-holistic self to optimal balance and harmony.

An excellent deck for both beginners and those who have an understanding of sacred geometry.


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