March Energies by Andrea Oneness

March Energies

by Andrea Oneness

Welcome to the month of March 2020!

Let’s spend a moment welcoming in all the angelics, divine presences, and beings of unconditional love.

Let them guide us and show us their presence.

Let’s remember that there really are such forces, no matter how much the mind doubts. Let’s ask them to soothe us, help us, and lift our load.

We are each divine beings of light and love. We are here to remember that, to know that, and to embody it.

In these accelerated times where so many of us are in information overload, many are confused and simply no longer know who to listen to, and what to believe.

It is the soft, gentle voice that is the voice of truth. It is the soft voice that suggests things, not insists, that is true.

We are currently in the month of Pisces, the end of the cycle. Amorphous energies dominate at the moment. We feel unsure of exactly where we are within all the fog. Everything is diffuse and expanded.

At the end of a cycle there is also a sense of urgency. A sense that we must get things right, must address certain patterns quickly, before a window of time closes.

Old paradigms are collapsing, this is both wonderful to witness and simultaneously deeply unsettling.

Energetically, ties that bind us in the lower three chakras are breaking up, or getting scrambled. Some are becoming deeply disorientated in the process.

As these ties break up, we are encouraged to go to higher, and more expanded states. Whilst this sounds wonderful on paper, the more we are in higher and expanded states, the more we must find ways of addressing old hurts and patterns.

Pisces is linked to martyrdom and sacrifice. We may notice these patterns even more at present, and wish to bring in healthy boundaries. As so many are unsettled, people may be increasingly pressing in their needs and wants. There really are no quick fixes, and it is good to remind both others and ourself to be patient and understanding.

Let’s also know that the sense of energetic fog at the moment ultimately allows for mystical realms to open. As these open, souls are re-uniting, and true heart alignments are coming into fruition. Realms which contain unexpected miracles are becoming available.

Someone, or something, may just step through the diffuse light, and into your life.

Many blessings



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