New Weekly Chakra Clearing Circle – First 3 Circles are Free! with David Lane

New Weekly Chakra Clearing Circle – First 3 Circles are Free!

with David Lane 

The Simplest Way to Feel Great and Evolve.

What is a Chakra Clearing Balance?  Put very simply, this means going through each of your chakras one by one and using kinesiology style muscle-testing identifying all the unexpressed emotions that are impeding it from functioning optimally (i.e. ‘blocking’ it); then using a very simple combination of breath, sound and acupressure to free the stuck life force until that chakra is as clear as you can get it.

It creates an immediately tangible sense of stillness, wellbeing and joy in you.

Doing it on a regular, ongoing basis strengthens and raises the vibration of your energy body.

You become able to sense more deeply into your field of consciousness, your body and your chakras.

You develop a cleaner relationship with your emotions.

You dissolve automatic stress driven behaviours.

Stuff doesn’t ‘stick’ to you like it use to because you no longer have a resonant vibration with it.

Your relationships with others improve (some will drop away… and for some relationships that IS an improvement!) as you contribute less and less to the low vibes in the dynamic.

You accelerate the integration of any other ‘work’ you are doing.

All of this means that the more people that are regularly doing this one simple thing the better our world will be, right?

So that got me to wondering, how else can I get this to more people on a regular basis?

The answer is a weekly Chakra Clearing Circle.

Using the sacred geometry of the circle and group intention to create power upgrades, each week I will take the entire group through a Chakra Clearing Balance.  No session will be the same as each week the collective of the different experiences of the different attendees will bring a different flavour of what needs to be cleared.

You need no prior expertise or experience as I will guide each and everyone through each emotion clear.

This is a non-linear, come as you feel inclined (ideally weekly) session.

When:  Wednesday evenings, 6:15pm to 7:45pm (commencing 11th April)

Where:  Qi, 743 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield South.

The session will conclude with a guided meditation, time permitting.

The first 3 sessions will be FREE as I test the interest for this. After that there will be a nominal weekly fee of $30.

Over the last year I have been really enjoying running monthly my Self Clearing Workshops and witnessing the amazing results that people have been getting from them.  Those that have attended have learned a really simple, powerful self empowerment tool and have also had some big shifts from the Clearing that I assisted them with during the workshop.  The Chakra Clear is one of the Clearing protocols that I teach in this workshop.

Here are a couple of very recent testimonials from attendees using Chakra Clears in the workshop:

“I attended David’s Self-Clearing workshop earlier this year and found it super valuable! David has a kind soul, a calm presence and a wealth of knowledge behind him. I felt very comfortable and safe in the workshop while learning to work with my emotions and belief patterns. The face to face learning made the concepts of self- clearing a lot easier to use in my daily life, and I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel empowered in the face of their emotions. Thanks David “


“Wow David – I’ve had some profound and life changing shifts since last Saturday … Very powerful yet simple stuff… You’re a brilliant practitioner”

Looking forward to seeing you at the Chakra Clearing Circle and together creating a tribe of very shiny people!

With much love,

David Lane.

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